Best Free Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online

by Marsha Landry

For the past few decades, streaming movies online is fast becoming the norm. It was now a story of the past when people had to store extensive collections of compact disks in their homes. The availability of some online applications has brought about a significant switch from the stashing up of CDs to the digital collection.

These days, the majority of people do not contemplate before paying for Hulu, Netflix, and other services. However, a digital collection of movies requires a large amount of space, which can be up to 3 GB of storage space. And also, it is not everybody that can afford to pay the hundreds of dollars for a subscription every year.

Some can relate streaming movies online to piracy, but there is some free movie streaming application whose content is legal and safe to watch.

Advantages of Streaming Movies Online

The future of movie entertainment has been completely redefined with the availability and accessibility of online movie streaming. Streaming movies online is becoming very popular as there is now a sudden increase in the quality and numbers of free online movie streaming services. One can easily access almost any television shows and movies with just a single click. Below are other advantages of Streaming Movies Online:

Advantages of Streaming Movies Online
Advantages of Streaming Movies Online

1. It abolishes downloading time

Making use of any of the listed applications to stream online movies for free abolish the need to download the film to a desktop computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. Your time is conserved, and your desire to watch a movie is instantly met per time.

2. It is free.

Online free streaming allows you to stream and download movies without spending your money. These applications have unrestricted access to TV shows and movies for free.

3. The Movie quality remains intact.

The majority of people who download movies tend to download low-quality ones. The movies online are of high quality, and streaming online will enable you to enjoy the quality of these movies. The image, video, and sounds are as clean as you would love it.

4. It gives access to an unlimited amount of movies.

There are millions of movies available online, and streaming online gives you access to these movies.

Summary of Best Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online for Free

Below is a table of summary of the listed Free Mobile Movie Apps

Movie Applications Price Active Countries Year Launched
CrackleFreeActive in 21 countries, but has shut its services to places like Canada, Latin America, and Australia.2004
VuduFreeAvailable only in the United States(US)2004
Pluto TVFreeActive in the United States and some other international countries.2013
TubiFreeAvailable in the US and some countries in Europe2014
YidioFree/variesEurope and the United States2008
SnagfilmsFreeAvailable in many international countries, but some titles are only accessible in Canada and in the United States.2008
Sling TVFree/variesAvailable in Canada and US2015

Best Free Movie Applications to Watch Movies Online.

1. Crackle - Movie Site Link


Crackle is one of the best and also a very popular mobile app for watching free movies online. It has a lot of TV shows, titles, and movie genres ( thriller, action, comedy, and drama ) you can choose from. However, the quality of the video when streaming is not the best, as its management is working on improving it.


  • It has an extensive collection of both old and new movies.
  • Movies can be watched without having to register or log in.
  • Every movie available on crackle has captions for those having challenges with hearing.
  • There are ads attached to each movie. But, signing up to own an account reduces ads.
  • It has quality movies such as:

i. Hot red (Comedy)

ii. The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Dracula (both horror)

iii. Hell's Kitchen

iv. Charlie's angel, and many more TV shows.

  • It has a Watch Later feature which enables users to save a list of movies they would love to check out later.

Crackle can be downloaded on the following devices:

2. Vudu - Movie Site Link

Best Free Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online: Vudu
Best Free Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online: Vudu

Vudu is popularly known for its sales and rental of digital videos. It is one of the best apps for free movies as it has a detailed collection of movies. It is an excellent app that allows users to stream movies for free, making use of their smartphones and other compatible devices.


  • You must sign up for an account before you can use its services.
  • It enables users to rent and also buy digital movies.
  • There are videos ads in its collections of movies.
  • There is a regular update of new movies.
  • Its list of movies includes;

i. The Karate Kid

ii. Saw 3

iii. La La Land, and many more.

  • It movies and shows are arranged according to movie genres.
  • Its interface is very easy to navigate.
  • It allows users to download movies to their devices. Vudu can be downloaded on:
  • Xbox one
  • PS4
  • Roku
  • Android
  • iOS/Apple TV

3. Popcornflix - Movie Site Link


Popcornflix is a free movie streaming app. It has about 800 movies with regular updates of movies. Its streaming quality is alright, although it has buffering challenges in which many have been complaining about.


  • The app splits viral videos, TV shows, and movies into three sections to make it easy for users to browse.
  • The movie section is divided into various categories like action, drama, thriller, staff picks, most popular, new arrivals, and many more.
  • It has a collection of the latest movies.
  • It contains ads, but the ads are short.
  • It has a friendly user interface.

Popcornflix can be downloaded on the following devices:

· Kindle

4. Pluto TV - Movie Site Link

Pluto TV
Pluto TV

This app is another excellent mobile app for free movie streaming. It has about a thousand TV shows and channels which are available for free.


  • Pluto TV has a series of movie genres ranging from comedy, romance, horror, thriller, action, and many more.
  • The ads are limited and not as annoying as other apps.
  • It has a Live TV segment where users can easily switch channels.

Pluto TV can be downloaded on the following devices:

5. Tubi - Movie Site Link

Best Free Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online: Tubi
Best Free Movie Applications To Watch Movies Online: Tubi

Tubi is another amazing free movie streaming app that enables its users to view the latest movies. It also has a collection of old movies like First of Fury. It is a new app for free TV shows and movies. It is a legal streaming platform with advertisements.


  • It has a category called "leaving soon" that enable user to catch up with shows and movies before they disappear.
  • The ads are short.
  • It boasts of several movie genres, including animations.
  • It doesn't require you to sign up before you can use their services.
  • The movies are high in quality.

Tubi can be downloaded on the following devices:

6. Yidio - Movie Site Link


Yidio is not an app that enables you to streams movies online. It is an app that enables users to search for movies on other reputable movie streaming platforms like Showtime, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and over 200 others.


  • The ads are very long.
  • Its "Free filter" feature enables users to locate free movies.
  • Users can filter by genre, rating, and many others when searching for a movie to watch.
  • Yidio can be downloaded on Android devices.

7. Snagfilms. - Movie Site Link


Snagfilms is an alternative for Netflix, just that its contents are free. It is an app that specializes in updating new video contents like documentaries, foreign movies, and popular TV shows.


  • It has a library of more than 1000 videos, which includes documentaries, shows, and films.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • It has different movie categories like Refugee and Immigrant Stories, climate change and the environment, and Filmanthropy.
  • Its ads are very short when compared to other services.
  • You can save movies and watch them later.
  • You can synchronize your account with multiple devices.
  • It enables users to share movies and TV shows via Twitter and Facebook.

Snagfilms can be downloaded on the following devices:

8. YouTube - Movie Site Link


YouTube has a large collection of movies that you can watch for free. You can even buy or rent new movies. This app is already preinstalled on everyone's Smartphone.


  • It has lots of both long and short ads.
  • It offers lots of both old and latest movies that you can watch for free.
  • Its user interface is easy to navigate.

YouTube can be downloaded on the following devices:

9. Sling TV - Movie Site Link

Sling TV
Sling TV

Sling TV offers Live TV content, making it unnecessary to get cable subscriptions. You can find some new and popular free movies on it too.


  • The user interface is difficult to navigate, making it difficult to search for free movies.
  • It has a multi-stream feature that enables up to 3 users to be able to stream various channels via a single account.
  • Sling TV can be downloaded on the following devices:
  • Xbox one
  • Roku
  • Android
  • iOS/Apple TV
  • Kindle


With the above listed free movie apps, you are now aware of some apps you can use when searching for free movies. The video content on these apps is legal and free. The majority of these movies app contains ads, so you might need to exercise patience to be able to enjoy them. The ads will be longer if the movie is a new release. You should not always expect to see the latest movies. The majority of films on these apps are old. The latest movie release comes with longer ads.

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