Definitions of Success You Should Never Ignore

It is said that success is achieving something extraordinary in life. However, it is what smart and wise people preached in the past. But now the world is changing, so are the dynamics of success. Talking about a few years back, people determined success by the amount of cash in somebody's account, the kind of car they have, or how big their house is.

Do you think that a person earning a handsome amount every month or a celebrity with thousands of likes on social media is successful? Do you also believe that success is limited to monetary value only? What if we tell you that the definition of success has also changed drastically with the changing times? And your favorite celebrities and influential business people do not think the same way.

We can never deny that achieving the goals of one's life has significant importance. Yet, successful people themselves believe that it is not enough. To gain success and to remain successful are two different things, and everyone has their unique definition of success. These ideas of success are based on something more than just running after the aim of your life. Sometimes they motivate you to try again if you are passionate about what you are pursuing, and sometimes they tell you how elements in life other than money and fame give you the feeling of being successful.

Definitions of Success that Should Not Ignored

Let's share with you the thought of success of your favorite celebrities and business people who have made their mark in work. They have given away their secret of success for you to learn from, and be a successful human being.

1. Success Is About Your Choices

Success IsAbout Your Choices
Success Is About Your Choices

Many times in life, it happens that we encounter unfavorable situations and end up making decisions hastily. Though, it is said that when life gives you lemons, you should enjoy lemonade and react most appropriately. Yet, Tony Robbins says that you should work to gain the goal you have always been looking forward to. A little bit of trouble in life should not result in decisions that make you unhappy. He says that success is about what you want to do, where, when, how, with whom and how much. You have to be the decision-maker and make decisions that take you closer to your aim.

2. Success Is Not the Key to Happiness

No, don't be surprised. Everyone thinks that success is the key to happiness, and it is valid to an extent. So many successful people around the world are happy with their success, and we mean nothing different. Herman Cain once said that success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success. It means that once you have reached the heights of success you had always thought about, it might not keep you happy for long if you do it as an obligation only. If you love your work and love what you do, the happiness of doing what you like will keep you successful.

3. Success Is What Difference You Make in Other People's Life

While speaking of Barak Obama, Michelle Obama once stated that he has never thought of success as money and position. She mentioned how he has always been an advocate of social work and improving other people's life. Barak Obama left high-paying jobs in his initial career to stay close to his people and work in struggling neighborhoods. When a remarkable personality talks about success and does not mention money or face, it's definitely a surprise. Barak Obama defined success as the difference you make in other people's lives and not how much money you make.

4. Success Is To Become a Man of Value

The great scientist Albert Einstein doesn't seem to be a big fan of fancy cars and huge mansions when he talks about success. Albert Einstein's definition of success states that one should not work to become a man of success, but to become a man of value . By no means, it should be misunderstood that he restricted people from working for their dreams. He wanted all of us to make sure that we do not build our home on somebody else's grave. Competition sometimes asks for sacrifices, but you should never sacrifice your values and morals for success.

5. Failure Is Not the Opposite of Success

Failure IsNot the Opposite of Success
Failure Is Not the Opposite of Success

Many of us love to read Huffington Post, yet it must be remembered that Rome was not built in a day. The co-founder of Huffington Post, Ms. Arianna Huffington understands that failure is not the reciprocal of success, but a part of the process. She told an audience that sometimes we all make wrong decisions, and sometimes it feels like the world is upside down. While you see the world tumbling down, you need to start wondering how to control the situation and turn the wrong decisions into the right ones. All the successful people would second that taking the right decision every time is not possible; you need to work hard and get the results you desire.

6. Success is Bouncing Back Stronger Every time

Nelson Mandela is a phenomenal personality we all look up to. And many of us would think that Mandela would not have faced failures and had smooth success. However, his life is full of struggle and getting up every time he felt his efforts failed. Nelson Mandela said to not judge him by his successes but by the number of times he got up . That is the quality of a great leader, he tries, he fails, but he gets up once again to understand why he failed. Because he would never give up on the success that he is destined to have. Getting up every time you feel that you have been unable to accomplish your goal is the key element to be successful.

7. Judge Your Success by What you Had to Give up to Get It

We already said that success demands sacrifices, and the greatest achievements could be made by great sacrifices only. Dalai Lama defined success by what you gave up to achieve that success. Sometimes we think that the sacrifice is not worth the success we are looking for, which might be right. Yet some people make those sacrifices and get what they had been making efforts for. If you succeed in reaching your goal with the sacrifices, you will not regret them a bit.

8. Peace of Mind Is Success

Peace ofMind Is Success
Peace of Mind Is Success

Legendary coach John Wooden knew well that success cannot always be the peace of mind, but something that brings you peace of mind is undoubtedly a success. Do you think that a wealthy businessman who has no peace of mind is successful? You might see his wealth and worth assuming him to be the most successful, yet he might not feel the same. John Wooden's definition of success states that success is what brings you peace of mind when you know that you have made all the effort you are capable of . If you are losing your sanity on the road to success, take a break and understand that success if nothing if you are not at peace mentally.

9. Success Is The Progressive Realization of Worthy Goals

Success IsThe Progressive Realization of Worthy Goals
Success Is The Progressive Realization of Worthy Goals

Usually, people decide on a goal and spend their lives working on it. The idea of success for many of us is limited to attaining that goal only. We feel that we have conquered the world. In contrast, the spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra has something more to add. The author and physician believe that success is about waking up and being happy about what you are doing, not only stopping at one goal. Success is a hunger to realize worthy goals and to get them. It not only relates to the common understanding of success, but also lets you be busy with something new.

10. Success Involves Family and Community

This might not seem essential to a lot of people, but the CEO of Tanga, Jeremy Young, feels so. He explains success as providing a great quality of life to his family, employees, and the community. He emphasizes that your employees and the community must experience the positive impact of your success by helping them raise their standard of living.

Additionally, the young entrepreneur also says that sometimes success comes from previous failures. His multimillion-dollar tech setup is an example of such an accomplishment when his previous board company failed. So, struggling to reach your goal and taking care of people around you after you achieve your success are two golden rules.

11. The Definition of Success Is Deeply Individual

While all the successful and remarkable personalities have expressed their idea of success through years of experience, Stephen Covey does not really go with the flow. Covey believes that success is different for every individual and is not supposed to match with anyone else's. The author of the best-seller, " The seven habits of highly effective people ," says that when you know what you want to be discussed at your funeral, you know what your definition of success is.

In other words, success can also be called as something you want to be remembered for. Some people wish to be recognized for the wealth they earned and others for their cupcakes at a charity event. Everyone's definition of success is unique, and as Stephen Covey said, deeply individual.

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