Essays present a series of essays from James Walters, a film student from the United Kingdom.

How it really feels to be Run Over

"Cinema would seem well placed to reflect feelings of modernity in society, its invention coinciding with a continuing mood of change, innovation and development..." Read more

Buy Your Own Cherries and See the Light

"When viewing Robert Paul's Buy Your Own Cherries (1904) there is perhaps a temptation to use the film as an example of how the conventions of cinematic story-telling have evolved and possibly improved in the years since, due to this earlier film's apparent narrative simplicity..." Read more

Some notes on the evolution of style

"Attempting to position the textual evidence from the early years of cinema in relation to the cinema that we know today can become a difficult and thankless task, and one that few writing about the history of cinema have attempted..." Read more

Note: These essays are the work of James Walters and not necessarily the views of Use of these essays is prohibited without the permission of the author, for more information contact

Thoughts on "Motion-picture Essays"

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