Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2023

by Marsha Landry

If you are constantly looking for a good and reliable side hustle, you can simply get paid to surf the web at your free time. This is a hassle free task that can be performed on any device. There are numerous ways to make money online but a very attractive option is surfing the web to get paid. It is simply amazing!

You might be wondering if it's actually real to get paid to surf the web, that's understandable considering the numerous false ways to earn money that are flying around all over the internet. This is not a scam, it's a legit way to earn.

In this guide, I will introduce you to the best ways to get paid to surf the web.

Before I get started, you need to understand that you must be willing to do a lot of research when looking to make money while surfing the web. This is because many sites that pay people to surf the web desire certain expectations from you.

Making money online just get better with this wonderful opportunity. Sit back and relax to study this guide as I have provided all you need to know about this great money making opportunity. We all search the web every day, so this is obviously not a strange thing to do. All you have to do is to get your mobile device ready and start making money from the comfort of your home or office.

The time spent surfing the web endlessly can be converted to a source of income.

Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web

Here is a list of the best ways to get paid to surf the web;

Swagbucks - Link


This is naturally seen as a survey site but it is one of the best platforms that offers money to surf the web. You most likely understand how this site works already and I can assure you it's one of your best bet when looking for ways to get paid. You will earn points that can be redeemed as gift cards or cash when you surf the web on this excellent survey site. You can sign up for free to get started.

MobileXpression - Link


This is an excellent platform that will pay to access your browsing history.

You will need to give permission for it to access private browsing details on your smartphone or other mobile devices. This is an elite market research site that focuses on improving mobile internet experience. You can join a research panel while you work with other team members to improve the future of mobile internet service. This is not a free service, you will get rewarded for your input.

The site is safe to use and it has an excellent privacy protection feature. You can be confident that your browsing history is protected from any form of unwanted public access. Download the app and get reward points for keeping it active.

When you acquire up to 50 points, you can cash out $5.0 worth of gift cards.

Clickworker - Link


This is a good site that pays to surf the web at your own convenient time. You can choose when to work and how long you want to keep surfing the web. It's a form of survey creation that provides several mini tasks that offers rewards when you complete them. As an active online web user, you will get to make a lot of money as you participate in any of the tasks. The more the tasks, the more the money.

Examples of the tasks available on this site includes surfing the web to fill surveys and also click on sponsored ads. This is a legit and reliable way to make money.

Ask Wonder - Link

Ask Wonder
Ask Wonder

If you love to do series of topic research in different fields, this site offers a good opportunity to get paid. You make money from doing the thing you love, which is browsing the web for information. The tasks involved are effortless and flexible.

The platform is hassle free and has a fast turnaround feature. The site will provide questions on several topics and will expect you to analyze and answer them. You can earn up to $200 USD from different research topics if you're very good at it.

Bing Rewards - Link

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

Bing is a similar web search engine just like Google. It is not as popular as the Google search engine, so a means to attract people to use the site was created.

The site offers attractive prize rewards that will benefit you whenever you surf the web via the platform. The levels of rewards available vary and it all depends on how active you are. Bing Rewards works as a web browser which means you can use it to perform you daily web searches on your device and earn rewards.

You can perform a number of web searches per day depending on your level.

  • Level 1 : You can perform 50 web searches.
  • Level 2 : You can perform 250 web searches.

However, you need to earn 500 points monthly to move to a higher level.

Search Engine Evaluator - Link

Search Engine Evaluator
Search Engine Evaluator

There are brands and companies that pay people to evaluate web search results and a good example is S.E.E. You will get paid for evaluating the companies' search result and it can be done as a fulltime job rather than as a side hustle.

Examples of companies that pays people to evaluate web search result is Appen and Lionbridge. You can earn a lot of money if you offer this service for the right company. All you need to do is to analyze search result and ensure it is accurate.

UpVoice - Link


You can get paid for the time spent surfing the web on this site. You will be expected to add a Chrome extension to your web browser and stand the chance of earning gift card reward anytime you visit a participating site. This is very safe and will never impact your browser performance in anyway. You can visit any of your favorite websites such as Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Etc.

To get started, make sure you sign up and install UpVoice Chrome extension on your device. You will then start getting points reward when you visit several sites.

CashCrate - Link


This is a special site that pays users for surfing the web through their website.

You don't have to install the app extension on your mobile device. You can simply visit the official website to perform any task you want. The more you surf the web on this site, the higher the amount of points you'll acquire. It is quite simple.

You will get paid $0.01 USD per web search and you can perform 10 searches within 24 hours. The number of paid searches you can perform in a day might be limited but it's still a good way to earn some extra bucks. You can cash out your earnings when you have at least $20.0 USD. Visit the site to sign up for free.

Qmee - Link

Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2023: Qmee
Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2023: Qmee

This is another unique web search engine that will pay you to surf the web on your smartphone. It is a special platform that can be used to earn, save and also spend. Several sponsored ads will pop up when surfing the web on this site but you are not expected to skip those ads. You must click on the ads to get points.

Most of these ads are relevant to your searches which all comes with discounts and cashback rewards. You will get to earn an average of 5 cents from each ads.

You will have to click on numerous ads if you want to earn a reasonable amount of money. You can sign up for free and download the extension on your browser.

Nielsen Digital Voice - Link

Nielsen Digital Voice
Nielsen Digital Voice

This app allows you to surf the web and share your view on your various TV channels. You can also perform easy tasks like watching online videos and playing games. You will get paid to perform any of this task on the Nielsen Digital app.

This amount of money you can earn from surfing the web on this app is quite high. There is a monthly giveaway worth the value of $10,000 USD. You need to stay active and participate in several tasks for you to stand a chance of winning the giveaway prize. You can also complete surveys which is a good side hustle.


Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2023
Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2023

Surfing the web has become a daily activity for most people in today's generation. It becomes a lot more interesting if we are getting paid to do that. It then offers a legit way to earn passive income that can be used to pay bills.

All the sites mentioned in this guide are very reliable and safe to use. They all have good ratings and reviews from their members. Make sure you check each and every one of them out and decide which one will best work for you.

Thank you for reading the guide but kindly share your thoughts and opinion.

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