Best Ways to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Get Over Your Limiting Beliefs

by Marsha Landry

All humans on earth pass through developmental stages. No matter how old you may be, you were once a kid. At the time you were still a kid, you have the freedom to move around, do things the way you like, and become friends with all categories of people. At this time, you look careless - believing you can accomplish and get anything your heart desires. However, as you continue to age, you start getting some limitations based on the rules and guidelines set before you to follow. As you grow older, you get used to these rules and regulations and stay within the confined of what has been laid before you. That said, limitations set before individuals sometimes lead them to not working hard to achieve all that they desire in life. This is because they are unable to identify their limiting belief. Also, they don't understand how they can maneuver their way to get over them. However, it is imperative to identify your limiting belief in your journey in life and the strategies you can employ to get over them. With that said, today, I will be sharing with you the best ways to identify your limiting belief and how you get over them easily

What are Limiting Beliefs

Limiting belief is a phenomenon whereby you are in a state of belief or conviction that some set rules and guidelines truly limit you. Limitation belief can be linked to your interactions with friends, colleagues, and family members. Many a time - limiting beliefs hurt individuals regardless of their status or age. Apart from the negative impact of limiting belief, you can also derive from positivity while following the rules that cause limits. For instance, the rules can help you choose the kind of friend you keep, manage the things you do, force you to take new opportunities, and also help you to discover your true potentials.

Causes of Limiting Beliefs

One thing you must note is that limiting beliefs are not natural. Many times, they are set by persons that are superior to you. Either in age or status. While some people believe that limiting beliefs emanate from inherent biases, there are lots of factors that cause limiting beliefs. In this section, I will discuss the causes of limiting beliefs.

1. Family Beliefs

To date, the family remains the basic unit of our society. While growing up, your parent tries their possible best to ensure that they instill some essential morals and values in you. It is believed that these values and morals are what they believe ts right to do to build up their child. Don't be surprised to know that rules set for you by your parents were inherited from your grandparents and their achievements. For instance, your parents can give you rules that you must not challenge higher authorities. Once you can adopt this rule, you will always oppose any form of challenge on higher authorities - either their authority is fair or unfair.

2. Education

Education is important in the building up of a child. As a student, you are not there to learn subject-based courses alone. You are expected to learn how you can preserve and maintain morals and values in society. In the typical school settings, the people that dish out instructions to you are older and sometimes taken as mentors. Many a time, you have no option but to believe whatever ideology, rules, or instructions you are given. With this, you can get limited based on their instructions.

3. Experience

As you continue to grow old and age, you have more life experiences. Your experiences may focus on school, relationships, and other activities in your society. Whatever experience you acquire from your undertakings, you can set it as a rule to yourself. Often time, the most experience that forms these rules are bad experiences. For instance, if you are in love with a lady, and she suddenly opts out of the relationship, you may conclude that what she did is the behavior of all ladies. Hence, you may become limited from proceeding on your marital life.

How You Can Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

HowYou Can Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
How You Can Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

1. Identify Your Beliefs

The first step you need to take to identify your beliefs is to create a list of your beliefs. To make this step efficient and successful, you can enlist all that you believe about issues of life. You can group these issues into different sections. This will help you sort out the beliefs based on their categories. For instance, you can group them into health, business, relationship, leadership, family, and many more.

2. Access Your Behavior

Now that you have identified your beliefs based on groupings, you need to access your behavior. You can take a close look at your nasty behaviors and principles that you always put into practice. When you do this, you will easily identify the cause and source of the belief.

3. Note the Areas Where You Are Challenged

Many a time, the areas where you feel you are challenged and struggling to improve may likely be caused by your limiting beliefs. For instance, if you have tried to apply to good-paying jobs, but you are yet to get any, you may want to conclude that you are somehow unlucky. This can result in becoming your limiting belief.

Summary of Best Ways to Get Over Limiting Beliefs

The table below summarizes the points to note on how you can overcome your limiting beliefs.

Methods discussedPoints to Note
Organize Your Environment
  1. Practice feng shui.
  2. Organize your environment.
Become a Minimalist
  1. Detach yourself from material things.
  2. Place your lifestyle on honesty and clarity of purpose.
Become Curious About ChallengesInculcate the habit of traveling.
Consult Counselor
  1. Meet counselors for suggestions that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs.
  2. Get help from mental health apps.
Meditate On Solutions
  1. Cast your mind about the causes of the limiting beliefs.
  2. Profer the best solution to the limiting beliefs.
Personal DevelopmentRead materials to develop yourself.

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

1. Organize Your Environment

Organize Your Environment
Organize Your Environment

Even though some people don't believe that we are a product of our environment. The truth remains that most of our attitudes are learned from people around us. These people may be your parent, elders, or teachers. That been said, you can overcome limiting beliefs by organizing the setup of your environment. You can arrange a spacious environment for your home. You can also redesign your space or practice feng shui. When you do this, you will start thinking positively. This will extend to your endeavors and attitude. Hence, you will start winning big in your dealings.

2. Become a Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist can assist you in eradicating the low self-esteem or negative belief you have against your personality and appearance. As a minimalist, you will need to detach yourself from material things and place your lifestyle on honesty and clarity of purpose. For instance, you can get rid of the act of consistently stocking your wardrobe with new clothing. This will help you reduce your expenses, live a meaningful life, and also promote your self-esteem.

3. Become Curious About Challenges

Often time, what you take as challenges are those things that are your limiting beliefs. When you are confronted with any of these beliefs, try to become curious to take steps to challenge the belief. When you do this, you get new ideas about vital issues. You can also inculcate the habit of traveling. This will assist you in exploring the cultures of people from other parts of the world and match them up with your beliefs.

4. Consult Counselor

There are competent and trained counselors that can assist you - in case you are yet to overcome your limiting beliefs. Before meeting the counselor, you should highlight the areas where you need the counselor's attention. They can assist you with the necessary suggestions that will help you overcome the limiting beliefs. If you are not chanced to meet them physically, you can download mental health and other counseling therapy apps that can assist you in discussing directly with the therapist or counselor at the comfort of your couch. Apart from the mobile app, you can use mental health trackers that can help you to monitor your emotional states, anxieties, and track your progress in getting over them.

5. Meditate On Solutions

Meditate On Solutions
Meditate On Solutions

Meditation is a solemn activity you should always practice. You can enlist your limiting beliefs and meditate on them. You can cast your mind about their causes. Once you can identify their causes, you will be able to profer the best solution to them.

6. Personal Development

One of the things you can do to improve on yourself and your abilities is to invest in your personal development. You can pick up books to read, listen to music, attend seminars online, and set practical goals to overcome your limiting beliefs. When you do these, you will surely overcome the beliefs that hurt you.


Limiting beliefs are learned from our superiors. Today, I have discussed the ways through which you can identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. Please read through the content to overcome your limiting beliefs.

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