Free Keepvid Alternatives with Closely Similar Features

The current world population is nothing less than 7.2 billion. And over half of this population use smart devices, whether Android devices, IOS devices, computers, and other smart devices alike.

Of these populations, not everyone has access to good education or taught in school get to understand with ease. Hence the need for tools like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and similar tools become very necessary for students and anyone who wants to learn something new.

keepVid, over the years, has been a very useful site for those who want to download videos from YouTube and similar tools for absolutely free. When you want to freestyle with videos, online keepVid has proven to be just the perfect toolkit for that. Not everyone, though, has the know-how to make use of this toolkit, so downloading videos from these dedicated tools like YouTube becomes really difficult.

Summary of Best Free keepVid Alternatives

Serial numberToolkit (video downloader)MP3 or MP4 compatibilitySpecialty (uniqueness) of the video downloaderDownload style
1Winx YouTube Downloader
yesDownload speed (7-8x) faster than the real-time download. Multiple simultaneous downloadsDirect download
NoMultiple download formats and resolution.Duplicate video URL
NoConsumes less space, fast download speed. HTML5 and WebM video download option.Direct download
YESIt helps you find the source of the video you want to download. Provides multiple resolution and format options.Duplicate video URL
YESSimple user interface, superfast download. Manual and automatic video downloadDirect download
6Video Grabber
NOWeb browser feature and app. System evades every form of virus or malware.Duplicate video URL
7iTube studioNoIt has a built-in player featureDirect download
yesAllows multiple downloads from two or more video sharing site.Duplicate video URL
NoAllows you to download video and convert it to other formats like MP3 music etc.Direct download
Summary of Best Free keepVid Alternatives
Summary of Best Free keepVid Alternatives

Free keepVid Alternatives with closely similar features

With that in mind, we've provided you with a list of reliable and viable alternatives with similar features as keepVid. You can pick from the lot that best suits your taste and not have any regret whatsoever.

Winx YouTube Downloader - Link

 Winx YouTube Downloader
Winx YouTube Downloader

This particular toolkit allows you the option to download whatever video that you need from YouTube or any video sharing site, free of spyware, malware, virus, or any other software that is harmful t smart devices. With this particular keepVid alternative, you can easily download quality videos in high definition (HD). It also provides options of downloading MP3, MP4 music just to keep you well entertained. With this toolkit, you can download and move videos and music to your desired folder. And all downloaded files are compatible with virtually every device. It is worth noting that with this toolkit, you can select the number of downloads you want to carry out at a time, as it offers multiple simultaneous downloads. It can be videos or music you can download more than one at a time. It operates with a well-enhanced tech, which allows videos to be downloaded at a speed that's at least seven to eight times (7-8x) faster than the real-time download.



It is widely recognized as part of the very few top online video downloader. Rightly reputed as one of the best in its category, is used on every continent on the planet for downloading videos on numerous websites and video tools, including Vimeo and YouTube. It's super easy as all you need to do is copy the URL of any video you want to download and paste it in the download bar. The finishing touch is to just choose the desired format and video resolution you would like to download. The video you have chosen will be downloaded in the video spec you have selected.



Far from your regular online video downloader, Orbit Downloader is easier to use, especially when you want to download HTML5 videos and WebM videos on YouTube or any online video sharing site. The system interface is super friendly and easy to use. You don't need to have any form of superior knowledge on tech-related stuff before you can use it; once you know how to use a smart device, you can use it. What is more interesting is the fact that the package size is relatively minute when you compare it to others. The size is barely 2MB, and it fulfills the requirement necessary to coexist with quite a number of file-sharing platforms like filefactory and turboupload, just to list a few.



Its operation is very similar to that of keepVid. It allows you to download videos with relative ease. And also, just like, all you need to do is to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download, and then you hit the download button. It immediately helps you search for the source of that video automatically. When it finds the source of the video, it gives you the option of format and resolution you desire to download the video with. It will bring up a small download icon just right click on it; it will give you multiple options; just click on the "save link as" to begin downloading your video. Downloading videos is super-fast, with no dragging in any way.



Unlike the Free Video Downloader, the video keeper is a little more advance. It has a very simple user interface. It is not complex in any way, so it is light. It impacts the speed of download in a positive way. It makes the speed of your download super-fast. It has advanced features that aid in video download. Video can easily be downloaded by manual operation or in another way by automatic detection. It is friendly with every device from ios, android, macOS, and even windows.

Video Grabber - Link

Video Grabber

It may sound like a cliché but, Video Grabber is a well-crafted toolkit for skeptics. Not everyone is comfortable with the direct download of software on their smart devices and computers as they want to evade gathering viruses, malware, and the likes. Video Grabber allows you to save the videos you like from video sharing sites directly. The only thing you will need to do is to just bypass the functionary site. You just need to copy and paste the video URL and click on the "grab it" button. The utility feature helps you find the desired video and allow you to option to save it. It also provides you with a web browser feature, which you can also use to download all the videos you like in their app.

iTube Studio - Link

iTube Studio

We have in excess of ten thousand (10,000) online video sharing websites. With iTube Studio, you can easily download any video you like from any of these video sharing websites. It has more than one hundred and fifty (150) media formats you can convert your videos to whether windows, iOS, or Android devices compatibility formats they are all included. Interestingly enough, when you watch videos via iTube studio and you have a reason to pause it. You and minimize that tab, you get to continue from where you stopped. It is made possible because of their special built-in player feature. It has a better download speed rate of about two to three times (2-3x) faster than the real-time download.

SaveVid - Link


Another amazing online video downloader to check out is SaveVid. It is a wonderful alternative for KeepVid. With SaveVid, you would not have the problems of videos not downloading. It gives you the license to download videos from more than one video streaming site. Most of the trending videos and music are beautifully displayed on the front page of their website to satisfy your desires. Just as it is with video grabber, all you need is to duplicate the URL of your desired video on the download bar then you start your download.



For those who use Windows, macOS devices, or devices with a related operating system, YouTube-dl should be your go-to toolkit for video downloads. It's quite unique and different from the regular video downloaders in that it's just a simple line command program. It was designed to be able to accommodate video download from video sharing sites like YouTube. It functions with the aid of a python interpreter; the minimum required version is version 2.5 plus.

Zamzar - Link


Zamzar is a wonderful online video downloader, an amazing alternative toolkit for keepVid. You can download videos via this platform with relative ease. You get to convert videos to other formats with ease when you use zamzar. It is just like an added feature to your computer in the sense that you can drag your favorite video and save it directly on your computer, like moving files within your computer. Zamzar has levels the free version and the premium version. For ease, you can maintain the free version as it is totally free, but if you want to access advance options, then you can register to just swap to the paid version.


These alternative to keepVid that has been discussed above are reliable and viable tools that guarantee you download all the videos you like with relative ease, not spending a dine. There are numerous options, so regardless of your kind of person, there is a video download toolkit that will suit you. And using more than one of these toolkits is not a crime. You can conveniently shuffle between them until you finally make a decision on the one you would like to stick with.

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