How to Get Paid to be an Online Virtual Friend

by Marsha Landry

A lot of people in the world today earns passive income from series of side hustles which are mainly used for paying bills and buying nice things. There are several ways to get paid online and the opportunity that comes with doing things that interests you while getting paid in return is quite enormous.

You can get paid for doing a lot of things and a strange one you might not have heard of is getting paid to be an online friend. That's quite weird. Right?!

Why a Need to Get Paid as an Online Virtual Friend ?

Weird or not, it is quite an interesting trend lately and I am certain you're eager to know more about this money making opportunity. This is becoming a thing due to the fact that people's social life in general is diminishing because of the day to day hectic schedules. According to research, it was deducted that a large chunk of the world's population spend a considerable high amount of their leisure time glued to a screen. This means most people will rather stay indoors than hangout.

Blame that on the internet and social media platforms. There's a lot of things that can keep you entertained while relaxing in the comfort of your home. An example is watching movies and series on Netflix or scrolling through a Twitter Timeline.

That said, people are becoming more anti-social than normal and this leads to the lack of having actual friends around. Friends you can share your feelings with or talk to when you need help and feeling down. This is the main reason why some people have decided to offer companion service as a form of help to fix this kind of social issue. It is also a good way to earn legit passive income.

Why a Need to Get Paid as an Online Virtual Friend ?
Why a Need to Get Paid as an Online Virtual Friend ?

In this guide, the focus of the discussion is mainly on how you can get paid to be an online friend. There are sites that offers this service online and there are some individuals that offers companion service as freelancers. They are mainly known as independent freelancers. Now, let's take a closer look at this amazing sites.

How to Get Paid for Being an Online Virtual Friend

Here are several avenues you can explore to get paid to be an online friend

Lip Service - Link

Lip Service
Lip Service

This is one of the major ways to make money as an online friend. This platform sets up a great opportunity for a freelancer to offer his or her friendship service to a client with the aim of getting paid in return. It's an amazing professional site.

Lip Service offers virtual telecoms service and has an age limit restriction which means you must be 18yrs and above to gain access to its services. However, there are certain agencies or jobs that requires being 21yrs and above to apply.

This is the best site if you want to earn money from staffing and fulfilments solutions. As an individual, you can apply to any facet of the live virtual online communication service such as offering your service as an online friend.

Lip Service is top on this list because the site is specially designed to help people start up an online chatting hustle while it searches and links you up with potential clients that needs the service. This site has been around for over three decades.

How to Apply :

  • Visit portal on any browser.
  • Fill and complete a pre-application form.
  • Submit your application immediately it's completed.
  • Wait for approval and a call from a Lip Service Agent.

A Lip Service Agent will call you after approval to access your voice and your phone-speaking skills to ensure you're good enough to handle the service.

This is a great platform to earn extra cash to be an online virtual friend as there are thousands of users looking out for people that can be their online companion.

The payment rate on this platform depends on the type of friendship service you'll be offering and the type of client involved. In all, it is a genuine and highly professional platform to earn some extra cash to help pay your bills.

Don't hesitate to check out this wonderful site and also apply as soon as possible.

NOTE : Lip Service application is restricted to residents of Canada and U.S.A.

FriendPC - Link


The main aim of this amazing site is to help people make friends. This site is great because it does not only offer a platform for people to meet new friends but also allows users to post friendship booking service and get paid extra cash for it.

You can book out your friendship talent for individuals looking out for friends online or travelers searching for an amazing experience while they are residing in a strange city. You can also exhibit your talent with people that shares common interests with you through this site while you get to make some extra bucks.

Basic Services :

  • Find a Virtual Friend
  • Book a Virtual Friend
  • Become a Virtual Friend
  • Offer Skilled Services i.e. A Tutor ! A Tourist Guide ! A Life Coach !

FriendPC allows registered users to either become a Virtual Friend or book a Virtual Friend. It is a site where people can build a companionship with friends they meet online. You can also offer Life Coaching services or help travelers to tour around a city as a Tourist Guide while you get paid. Go check it out!

Fiverr - Link


Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance platform in the world. It is not an outright platform to get paid for being an online friend but it's included on this list due to its vast marketplace. A Fiver Friendship feature was recently launched that allows sellers to create gigs that offers online friendship service for whoever needs them.

You can create a gig to advertise your friendship and companion service, set your price and publish it. It will then become visible to millions of users of the platform. This online virtual friendship service involves chit chatting and giving relationship advice.

The payment options are verified and you can easily promote your service.

NOTE : Fiverr takes a small commission from the money you make on the site.

RentAFriend - Link


This is a unique platform that allows users to advertise friendship services to people in need of companionship. It is NOT a dating site. It is basically a professional site that allows you to "Rent out your friendship skills" with the aim of getting paid.

This is probably the main site for this purpose. I have saved the best for last in this guide. This site specifically designed for people seeking paid companionship. It is a website with millions of users which makes it easy to find a friendship partner.

Most of the people on this platform are constantly seeking for new friends, looking for who to teach them new skills and also seek out people that can attend events with them. These people are more than willing to pay huge sum of money for you to be their online friend, accompany them and also help them learn new skills.

To get started, you need to register and create a profile on RentAfriend official site.

Once you have a profile, you can simply search other people's profiles to know about them. They will also have access to view your profile and if they like you or interested in you, they will contact you. This is exclusive to registered members.

Once they contact you directly, you can both agree on a date and time to meet. You can also fix a location and agree on the service to be rendered as well as price.

Once the personal negotiation is completed, they will agree to pay you directly.

According to this website, you can make an average of $50.0 per hour of service.


The idea of getting paid as an online friend may sound weird but it is a legit means of making extra income for yourself. There are several platforms that offers you the opportunity to get paid as a freelance online friend but the major challenge here will be your personality. As an introvert or someone with social anxiety, you might struggle to excel in this industry as it requires being a little outspoken.

F.A.Q for Online Virtual Friend Work

Here are answers to possible questions you might want to ask ;

1. How does being an online virtual friend work ?

As a paid online virtual friend, you will be expected to offer companion or tutor services to a client seeking for friendship or advice online. It is mainly platonic.

2. Is this a legit way of making extra income ?

YES. This is a legit way of making extra cash as the sites listed in this guide are professional platforms that offers the service. However, beware of scammers.

3. How do I get paid after offering this service ?

You will be expected to create a profile on any of the sites before doing anything. After that, you will have to add a payment account like PayPal and then verify it.

4. Do I have to work at a certain period of time ?

There are no special time schedules as to when you can offer this service and also no limit to the amount of time you can spend chatting online with your client.

5. How much money can I make as an online friend ?

The amount of money you can make as an online virtual friend is not fixed. It is totally dependent on the type of service you're rendering and the client involved.

6. How do I get started if I want to be an online friend ?

It's quite easy. All you need to do is to visit any of the site listed in this guide and go ahead to "Sign Up as Friend". Links to each website has been provided.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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