Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers You Should Try in 2023

by Marsha Landry

The fintech industry is evolving daily, and innovations are coming up to enhance the process of carrying out trade or business transactions. A virtual credit card is one of these developments. Over the years, there has been a massive increase in the number of people using the virtual credit card as their preferred payment method.

There has also been a huge switch from the use of conventional credit cards to virtual credit cards. These virtual credit cards are more suitable than credit cards for online transactions and shopping. Presently, it is quite challenging to obtain a good credit card. The majority of banks do a thorough checking before issuing traditional credit cards. This has limited several people from obtaining the best traditional credit cards since they can't meet the requirements. There are no such difficulties with Virtual credit cards. You can acquire a virtual credit card without having to go through many protocols. This makes a lot of people to consider Virtual credit cards as their payment option, especially when transacting or making purchases online.

Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards

The following are some of the pros of a virtual credit card:

  • It is globally acceptable. This is because virtual credit cards are one of the safest ways of making online business transactions.
  • Virtual credit cards help to secure the details of your real credit card. Using virtual credit cards does not put you at any risk of hackers or identity thieves trying to obtain your card information.
  • It makes currency exchange rates easy as there will be no need to convert from a particular currency to another before online transactions can be made.
  • It allows you to set the limit for your spending.
  • They are free to obtain, and they function just like the real bank credit card.
  • It allows you to customize the details of their card, such as expiry date and other essential information.
  • It protects the user's account information.
  • It is limited to only one seller. Therefore, no one else can access it other than you.

Disadvantages of Virtual credit cards.

Below are the cons of virtual credit cards:

  • It can only be used for the online transaction. This means you cannot use it for any physical transaction.
  • The virtual credit cards number are not readily available.

Summary of Best Free VCCs Providers / Services

Summary of Best Free VCCs Providers / Services
Summary of Best Free VCCs Providers / Services

Below is a table of summary of the different features of a Virtual credit card, a credit card, and a debit Cards:

Terms Virtual Credit (VCCs) Credit Card Debit Card
Form Digital (no plastic)Physical (plastic)Physical (plastic)
Credit Extends creditExtends creditNot available
Usage Can be used for online purchases onlyCan be used for both online and offline purchasesCan be used for both online and offline purchases
Security The card is safe to use and can be blocked by the user by raising a requestThe card is safe to use and can be blocked by the user by raising a requestThe card is safe to use and can be blocked by the user by raising a request
Transaction amount The amount is debited from the credit limit on your credit card account or your debit card balanceThe amount is debited from the credit limit on your credit card accountThe amount is debited from your current or savings bank account
Validity Usually valid for 1-2 daysUsually valid for a few yearsUsually valid for a few years
Number of transactions Can usually be used only for onceUnlimitedUnlimited
Associated fees Usually no fee or chargeFees involvedFees involved

Best Free Virtual Credit Cards Providers 2023 - VCC Link


  • It is only available for U.S citizens.
  • It accepts direct deposit.
  • It offers both MasterCard and prepaid visa payment services.
  • It links to bank accounts and can generate a virtual credit card for it.
  • It has no hidden fee.
  • You can access withdrawal for free on MoneyPass ATMs.
  • It offers real-time email and SMS alerts.
  • It has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  • It has various services for its users according to what they need, such as customizing your card with your favorite sports stars' images.

Neteller - VCC Link

Neteller virtual credit card
Neteller virtual credit card


  • It is a very popular virtual credit card. It has user-friendly interphase to navigate the card banking portal services.
  • One of the prominent features of this Virtual credit card is that you can link it to PayPal and Skrill.
  • Its charges are very cheap per transaction.
  • This virtual credit card can be obtained for free.
  • It also enables you to make various online transactions across different platforms of your choice.
  • It is one of the safest virtual credit cards for online business transactions due to its secure payment system.

Payoneer - VCC Link

Payoneer is a popular service that can be used for receiving and the payment of money. They offer more services than the majority of the virtual credit cards and credit cards available online.


  • It is a virtual credit card that is widely used in various countries around the world.
  • It is considered one of the most secured virtual credit cards used by business people, popular online market platforms, and organizations worldwide.
  • It is not the fastest among virtual credit cards, because it validates detailed information such as your bank details, identity, and many more to ensure maximum security. Performing these processes often takes some working days.
  • The verification of its users' detailed information makes the Payoneer Virtual Credit card a convenient and reliable choice.
  • Payoneer virtual credit cards are free and acceptable in virtually all countries around the globe.
  • It is one of the best tools for online business transactions.
  • It offers a MasterCard, which can be utilized for transactions and withdrawal at ATMs.
  • Payoneer virtual credit card charges are very cheap. This particular feature makes it a favorite choice for its clients.

American Express - VCC Link

American Express Virtual Credit Card
American Express Virtual Credit Card

American Express is a popular platform that provides services that include virtual credit cards.


  • This virtual credit card is a useful tool for easy and flexible online transactions. It can be used for the payment of money on hosting websites and online shopping platforms.
  • One of its desirable features is, it has a reward system for its users that covers various kinds of transaction processes online.
  • It offers online virtual credit card services to users worldwide.
  • The Virtual credit card is free.
  • It offers suitable payment options for freelancers and travelers.
  • Their charges are deducted annually. And they provide services that makeup to their annual fees.
  • It can be used in foreign countries where the American Express is allowed. Transactions that are carried out in foreign countries attract specific fees.
  • It provides physical, virtual credit cards for interested users.
  • It has a mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Walmart money - VCC Link

Walmart money virtual credit card
Walmart money virtual credit card


  • This card is handed out by GDB (Green Dot bank) with the authorization of MasterCard.
  • This virtual credit card is easy to get and free, as it does not charge any fee on any transaction.
  • There is no need for users to have a bank account before you can use the virtual card.
  • The virtual credit cards issued are restricted to the United States residents, as purchase transactions can be done with the card throughout the USA.
  • It enables users to receive cashback on all their purchase transactions. Users will get a 1% on Walmart store and 3% back on online purchases. It also offers users a 2% cashback on Muphy purchase transactions.
  • If the card is used consistently, users can obtain up to $75 and the yearly cashback.
  • Walmart's virtual credit card can be used for free transactions online.
  • The virtual credit card enables you to process multi-purpose online action on a single card such as web shopping, internet business, and payment online.

Chase Pay - VCC Link

Chase Pay Virtual Credit Card
Chase Pay Virtual Credit Card


  • Registration is very easy.
  • The virtual credit card details are tailored to the requirements of its user.
  • Chase pay has user-friendly interphase.
  • It has no monthly or annual charges.
  • You can also link to PayPal.
  • There is also a mobile app available for Android and iOS users.

Netspend - VCC Link

Netspend virtual credit card
Netspend virtual credit card


  • The Virtual credit card is free.
  • It is a top-rated service available for United States residents.
  • It is authorized by Visa USA Inc., which makes its users develop more trust for the virtual credit card.
  • Another benefit of this Virtual credit card is that you can request a visa debit card.
  • It charges a cheap percentage for every purchase.

Freecharge Go - VCC Link


  • This is a decent wallet, which is supported by any online outlet that approves MasterCard.
  • Users can make payment making use of this Virtual Credit Card, which is for free.
  • Freecharge Go offers a reward plan for spending using the virtual credit card.
  • Users can obtain their Virtual Credit Card with an MPIN.
  • You have to download the Freecharge Go app to apply for the virtual credit card.
  • You can download the app on your Android or iOS device.

Some of the factors to consider before choosing a virtual credit card provider are:

  • The virtual credit card limit
  • The available features of the virtual credit card provider
  • The cost of the virtual credit card premium package or other required fees

If a virtual credit card provider offers all these crucial demands in your favor, you should opt for that provider. If contrarily, you may proceed to seek a better alternative.


For all these Virtual Credit Cards, you have to select correctly that which suits your requirement. All these virtual Credit Card providers have their peculiarity and constraining features that distinguish them from each other. So, you can carefully make a good decision on the best virtual credit card to use for your online transactions.

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