Proven Ways to Make Money on Snapchat

by Marsha Landry

Snapchat is a popular social media app specially designed for mobile devices.

Snapchat can be highly utilized to engage your followers and potential clients due to its unique filters. Providing and sharing contents of value on Snapchat is a good way to get the attention of your followers. Aside being a regular social media app, Snapchat can be highly transformed to a money making machine without stress.

You can make money on Snapchat by using it to promote products, brands and businesses. In today's generation, it is quite easy to get in touch with potential customers and clients that will patronize your service because the internet is a big place where you can meet millions of people. Just like Twitter and Facebook, this amazing social media app has millions of users across the world. This makes it possible to turn these social media apps to a legit money making online tool.

In this guide, I will introduce you to proven ways to make money on Snapchat.

However, it is important to learn and understand how Snapchat works.

The Overview of Snapchat

Snapchat is a fast growing social multimedia app developed by Evan Spiegel and Bob Murthy in the year 2011. It is specially designed to allow users share stories and exciting moments with followers, friends and loved ones through photos and videos. It's designed in such a way that the content shared disappears after 24hrs.

The Overview of Snapchat
The Overview of Snapchat

Snapchat has series of unique features and fun effects. The most important is the Snapchat premium service that enables users to make money by sharing explicit contents with a private audience. This app can be used to share selfies and make video calls. The filters, emojis and masks are used to specially edit media files to be shared. There is also a "discover section" with several social media outlets that enables users to publish media contents from personal websites as snaps.

You can download Snapchat from Google Play Store and App Store on any device.

Types of Snapchat Ads

There are different types of ads on Snapchat;

  • Snap Ads : A full screen photos and videos ads.
  • Filter Ads : These are illustrated overlays for photos and video snaps.
  • Story Ads : These are branded ads for promotion and marketing.
  • AR Lenses Ads : These enables brands to creative interactive snaps.
  • Collection Ads: It is specially designed for e-commerce marketing.
  • Commercial Ads: Brand awareness video ads that cannot be skipped.

These special ads offers a genuine way to make a lot of extra cash on Snapchat.

Proven Ways to Make Money on Snapchat

Here are five (5) detailed proven ways to make money on Snapchat;

Creating Unique Snap Ads - Link

Creating Unique Snap Ads
Creating Unique Snap Ads

Snapchat has a unique "call-to-action" feature that allows users create snap ads with teaser images. This button is specially designed to help convince followers to click on your promotions and make them believe you have a solution for them.

Snap ads offers a good way to promote a product or brand because of the daily online active audience. If you have products and services to promote, you can link your Snap code to your profile or email signatures and when putting up stories.

The best way to reach out to you target audience on Snapchat is through the use of snap ads. Snapchat ads manager feature is available in few countries but you can find a way to change your location through the use of a GPS tracker. You can download it on the app store if you need to make use of the ads creation feature. It's a good feature if you don't like to share locations. Finally, there is a Premium Snapchat Subscription that allows users share customized photos and videos with a particular target audience while viewers get to pay to access the contents.

Designing and Launching Geofilters - Link

Designing and Launching Geofilters
Designing and Launching Geofilters

A reliable and effective way to make money on Snapchat is to create geofilters. These are unique overlays available on Snapchat and can only be accessed from specific locations. You can monetize Snapchat by designing special geographical filters for public places. It is crucial to certain niche within a city and its environs.

You can create and launch free geofilters because users of Snapchat loves sharing and making use of branded filters. For instance; you can create this when opening a new retail store, organizing a marathon or holding an exclusive event. This type of feature helps users brand filters based on location for certain events.

Snapchat Geofilters are in two types; Personal Geofilters and Business Geofilters.

They are like digital stickers used when launching a new product or hosting an event because it creates exposure. You can customize your geofilter by using the Snapchat templates available in Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop formats then test with several images. Once you've done this, you can now set the date, time and location of the event. Finally, you will pay for the filter and confirm the order.

Build an Audience with Sponsored Lenses and Posts - Link

Build an Audience with Sponsored Lenses and Posts
Build an Audience with Sponsored Lenses and Posts

Sponsored lenses and posts are used to boost rates and sales. Creating quality sponsored stories and lenses will help attract thousands of followers which will boost your income level. Sponsored lenses are ideal for Snapchat promotions.

Sponsored lenses and posts are used to build interests in products and services you render. A good example is coaching and consulting services. You can make a lot of money as a life coach or fitness trainer. Sponsored lenses and posts will help connect you with your target audience and also generate amazing leads.

You can promote your coaching and consultancy service through these sponsored lenses by inviting users to join you on Skype while you charge them. You can also sell products and share video courses on various niche. Your audience can also recommend your lenses by sharing them with others. This approach is effective.

Affiliate Marketing and Promotion - Link

Affiliate Marketing and Promotion
Affiliate Marketing and Promotion

Affiliate marketing and promotion is a good way to earn money on Snapchat. This is because the social media platform helps users to promote their products or brands by sharing contents with the online audience through affiliate promotion.

Brands are very desperate to sell their products which means promoting these brands through your contents and post will set you up to make a lot of money.

However, it's important to build a huge followership count so as to maximize your potential of earning big. The amount of money you can earn with Snapchat affiliates depends on the level of engagement on the contents you share. This means that having more followers on the platform will boost your chances of making money as more people will get to view the ads and posts you share.

You can grow your followership by constantly doing giveaway and arranging contests on other platforms. This approach is very effective because you can link them to your Snapchat profile and ask them to follow you as part of the condition required. Big brands and businesses will prefer to pay an individual with a massive Snapchat fan-base to help promote their products and services. You can promote a lot of products and services through snap ads, video highlights and even vlogs.

Create and Share Quality Content Products - Link

Create and Share Quality Content Products
Create and Share Quality Content Products

The ultimate reliable way to make money on Snapchat is to constantly create quality engaging contents. You need to build a strong relationship with your followers and a good way to do so is by creating interesting content product.

You can make use of the Snapchat tools to create catchy and attention grabbing contents. These tools are stickers, emojis, captions, doodles and a lot more. Once you design you content product, you can then share to promote them. Examples of these content products are eBooks, audio programs and video courses.

Creating quality content products and promoting them through the right channels will boost your chances of earning a lot of money on Snapchat. It is very effective.


You can make use of Snapchat to make passive income because the world of social media marketing keeps evolving. It is advisable to promote your Snapchat account on other social media platforms to help attract more followers and views.

The higher the number of your followers, the higher the number of views you will get whenever you share posts or stories. This in turn helps to boost your chances of earning big when you promote products and services. The features available on Snapchat also makes it easy to use. The user interface is smooth and attractive.

While Snapchat is mainly for sharing fun photos and videos, you can step ahead of the game by promoting products and brands through your posts and stories. Doing this will make your maximize the money making opportunity on Snapchat.

Final Take Away :

Snapchat is a good monetization channel because the engagement rates are very high due to its huge millions of users. These users are not just registered, most of them are very active. Many businesses also promotes their products and services on the platform. Finally, research has shown that a very low percentage explores Snapchat for business purpose while the higher percentage explores it mainly for entertainment. Why not join that low percentage of users today and explore the money making opportunity on Snapchat. I can assure you that it is worth it.

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