Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World

by Marsha Landry

Nowadays, the act of playing games is consistently increasing exponentially every day.

Most game developers have stepped up their game development skills by introducing games that can be played on the PC and mobile devices. With the accessibility of these exciting games on various gaming devices with mobile phones inclusive, gamers can now enjoy playing their favorite games at the comfort of their couch. One of the most exciting games that have followed this trend is the PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battleground). The well designed PUBG game is available on the vast majority of gaming devices. The PUBG game has a mobile version called PUBG Mobile. The PUBG Mobile game is available on Android and iOS devices. With its availability on these mobile devices, the population of people who play the PUBG Mobile game increases exponentially daily. These PUBG Mobile players are ranked based on their playing expertise, prowess, and achievements. Hence, most PUBG Mobile players work earnestly to have their names as high ranking players. Today, I will be telling you the best PUBG Mobile players in the world.

About PUBG Mobile Game

The PUBG Mobile is a fantastic game designed as the mobile version of the exciting PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The PUBG game was first launched on the Xbox One and PC in 2017. Immediately the game was introduced, it became popular among gamers and other stakeholders in the gaming industry. The developers of PUBG game acted swiftly by developing the mobile version in less than a year the Xbox One and PC version was introduced. The well designed mobile version of PUBG is similar to the PC and Xbox One version. It has all the exciting features you enjoy on the PC version. However, you will have to adapt to playing the game on a smaller screen.

In the PUBG Mobile game, you play by parachuting into a simulated game island. Then you kick start the game by gathering together all the items you need to succeed in the game island. These items include medical supplies, weapons, and clothing. The island is simulated to contain a mixture of rural and urban environments.

The simulated game island is 8 x 8 km. While playing the game, you will trade tackles with about 100 players, and the player that comes out as the last man standing will be adjudged the winner. The PUBG Mobile game has a feature whereby you can play in a squad, by yourself or with another player. You can also create a team consisting of three or four other players to form a squad. If you are declared a winner, you will be entitled to getting a chicken dinner. Each gaming session on the PUBG Mobile game lasts for 30 minutes. So, you have more time to fight hard to become the last man standing. However, if you are not good at playing the game, you can die immediately, you start playing the game. The PUBG Mobile game can be downloaded and played at no cost. You can also earn coins while playing the game. The coins earned can be used to purchase in-game items. The coins can also serve as rewards for performing simple tasks, traveling some distance, and surviving for some period.

Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World
Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World

As of 2019, the PUBG Mobile game has recorded more than 250 million users and over 35 million daily users. Since it was launched into the gaming world, PUBG mobile game has continued to rival Fortnite and was crowned the best game in Google Play last year. Out of the over 250 million users, many PUBG Mobile players have emerged as the top-ranked players. The players participate in tournaments, and many of them have created channels on YouTube to showcase their gaming skills. On these YouTube channels, you can easily watch the top-ranked players showcasing their gaming skills. Some YouTubers also rank players based on what they watch on their channels.

Summary of Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World

The table below summarizes the names and country of origin of other best PUBG Mobile players.

Name Authentic Name Country
OR ScoutOP Tanmay SinghIndia
C9 BeoWulf Jack SchultzUnited States of America
TQ Marco Marco PoppittiUruguay
4 AM Xinhe Li He China
XQF Jimmy Xu YinjunChina
TS uHigh Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq Malaysia
RRQ G9 Pachachai Han Thailand
TQ Ayala Gonzalo Ayala Argentina
OR DaljitSK Daljit SinghIndia
MiTH OnLine24 Aphicha Sonsakun Thailand
Uniq Yasha Yan Shaban Belarus
TES kKsKr Hao YangChina
C9 UnEeVen Tybalt MalletUnited States of America

Best PUBG Mobile players

1. XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy
XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy, also known as Zhu Bocheng, is referred to as the god of PUBG Mobile game. The brilliant PUBG Mobile player hails from China. He currently plies his trade with the team X-Quest F. Paraboy has extended his dominance beyond the domestic scene. He is known internationally and has won the MVP award in the vast majority of his played tournaments. Some of the major MVP awards he has won include the PMCO Global Finals. Paraboy won this prestigious award with 42 kills and emerged as the second top fragger.

Paraboy started his gameplay as a thumb player. Now he has shifted his game to using 4-finger claws. Paraboy has always played as a Gyroscope player.

2. BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy

BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy
BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy

BTR Luxxy, also known as Bagus Prabaswara, and BTR Luxxy, also known as Bagas Pramudita, is called PUBG Mobile beast. The twin brothers are Indonesian and play the PUBG Mobile game with BTR RA. The two PUBG Mobile prodigy has dominated every single game they have played for their team. Zuxxy emerged the MVP of the PMCO Global tournament in 2019. Luxxy emerged as the runner up by occupying the second spot. Luxxy is a fantastic player known for his spinning prowess, while Zuxxy is a brilliant assaulter. The duo is the youngest and the most skilled player globally.

3. 4 AM 33Swannovo

4 AM 33Swannovo
4 AM 33Swannovo

4 AM 33Swannovo, also known as Wu Hongsen, is also ranked as Paraboy. However, he has been missing out on the first spot because he hasn't played the PMCO Global tournament. Swanovo is an excellent player of Chinese origin that plies his trade with Team 4 Angry Men. Swanovo was ranked the Top Fragger in 2019. He also got the MVP of PEC in 2019 in a game held in China. The Team 4 Angry Men and Swanovo are known for playing the PUBG Mobile game with throwables like Molotov Cocktails and Frag Grenades. However, Swanovo is yet to get to the global PUBG Mobile scene, but he will surely get there in the next few months because he has fantastic reflexes and skills.

4. XQF Order

XQF Order
XQF Order

XQF Order, also known as Cheng Zehai, is a brilliant Chinese PUBG Mobile player that plays for the XQF team. He joined the team together with Paraboy in 2019. Before then, he has been playing for the rivals of XQF. When Order joined XQF, the team became unstoppable. In the PEL tournament, the team was ranked second while they came out victorious in the PEC finals. Order is an incredible player that combines well with Paraboy to win the game for the XQF team. However, Order hopes to feature for the XQF team in the PUBG Mobile global tournaments in the coming days.

5. RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earnny
RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earnny, also known as Wachirawit Ramangkool, is a Thai PUBG Mobile player that plays for the fantastic RRQ Athena. Before joining the RRQ Athena team in January, Earnny had earlier played for the EVOS Burnout team. Hence, his addition to the team has brought tremendous achievements to the team. He plays the Entry Fragger role while partaking in the PUBG Mobile game for the RRQ Athena team. He also picks the number of kills for the team. Earnny has an amazing ability to overcome his opponents with his fantastic skills and gaming sense.

6. TSMxEntity Jonathan

TSMxEntity Jonathan
TSMxEntity Jonathan

TSMxEntity Jonathan, also called Jonathan Jude Amarai, is ranked as the number one PUBG Mobile player. The excellent player is on the books of the team TSMxEntity. He plays as the main assaulter in the TSMxEntity team. Since joining the team, Jonathan has continued to showcase his gaming prowess and has gained widespread relevance in the team. He was ranked among the top five Fraggers in the PMCO Global tourney in 2019. Recently, Jonathan accomplished 16 kills for his team in the single PMIS semifinals games in 2023. He will surely make the top spot in the near future if he continues with this gaming pace.

7. FaZe Bulshark

FaZe Bulshark
FaZe Bulshark

FaZe Bulshark, also known as Ratchapol Maneerat, is an excellent PUBG Mobile player that hails from Thailand. He currently plays for Team FaZe. Bulshark has previously played for the EVOS team. He was regarded as one of the first players that got to the Conqueror tier in the PUBG Mobile game. Bulshark dominated the PUBG Mobile game, and all tournaments hosted on it in 2018. Now that he has pitched his tent with a new team, he is working hard to get new records of achievements in games played for them every day. Bulshark is regarded as a complete player that has the potential to play any role in his team. He can play the snipping, assaulting, support, and rushing role for his team.


The PUBG Mobile game is an amazing game designed for players who have enjoyed playing it on Xbox One and PC. The game has over 250 million users and over 30 million active users. Today, I have discussed the best and upcoming PUBG Mobile players. Please read through and share with other PUBG Mobile game players.

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