Best Sites to Play Spades Online

by Marsha Landry

Spades is an amazing card game that can be played and explored on several online platforms. It is one of the most popular social card games available on the internet and can easily be categorized as a retro card game. It has a rich history.

Why Playing Spades Online ?

This game is similar to Hearts, Euchre and Bridge because it is a 52-card trick taking game. It was created to help friends and family bond and for people to socialize with one another. Some years back, card games are played with loved ones with everyone physically present but the year is 2023 and a lot has changed.

Individual schedules means most people are too busy to hang out with friends to play these days but will rather hit the internet during their free time to catch some fun. This situation lead many websites to provide fun filled services to keep people at the edge of their seats from the comfort of their homes.

You can now watch movies and TV shows and even play games with virtual or real friends on the internet. For instance, you can play Spades on your web browser online and it can also be downloaded on your mobile device be it Android, iOS or Windows devices. In this guide, I will show you best sites to play Spades online.

About Spades Card Game

Spades is a classic trick-taking card game that has a standard of 52-card deck/pack played between two partnership teams consisting of 2 people each. They face off with a goal to take as many tricks as declared in bidding. Spades is played in pairs with the partnership teams sitting across a table from each other.

The goal of this game is to relax and catch fun with friends and loved ones, but in today's world the online version offers a chance to play in tournaments and win prizes. Spades became popular during the Second World War but it has taken a new dimension ever since. Sit back and have a look at our unique list.

About Spades Card Game
About Spades Card Game

List of Best Sites to Play Spades Online

Here is a list of the best websites to play Spades for free on the internet;

VIP Spades - Spade Online

VIP Spades
VIP Spades

This is one of the best platform to play Spades online. On "VIP Spades" you can explore multiple game modes as the platform provides the most fun-filled and friendly game options with a full deck of cards. This site also offers a lot of game features such as unique leaderboards and a dynamic gameplay.

You can play Spades for free on this site and also connect with hundreds of online players. The multiplayer experience is amazing. You can test your strategies and also learn new tactics with the unique gameplay the site offers.

Create an account today, connect with new friends and get free daily chips.

Benefits of VIP Spades :

  • It offers free chips and you can enjoy several layers of social interactions.
  • It offers several game modes such Solo, Pairs, Whiz, Suicide and Mirror.
  • You can chat with friends, send gifts and play the game on any device.
  • You can invite friends from social media platforms to join a live game.
  • You can reconnect to a live game if you ever lose internet connection.

NOTE : Leaving a live game is not allowed as it can get you punished or banned.

PlayOK Spades - Spade Online

PlayOK Spades
PlayOK Spades

This is a quite different platform to VIP Spades when you compare their features. There are thousands of active players on this platform which makes it one of the most popular sites to play Spades online. The site offers extensive stats and you can play with real players across hundreds of tables.

Benefits of PlayOK Spades :

  • You only need a score of 500 points to win a game.
  • You can play against live opponents across the world.
  • It has unique features such as game rooms and game rankings.
  • You can customize your user profile and contact list for private messaging.

NOTE : You can watch other players as they play while you wait for an empty seat.

Trickster Spades - Spade Online

Trickster Spades
Trickster Spades

This is one of the best Spades site available on the internet. It has an amazing user interface and a polished graphics layout that makes it stand out. Trickster Spades have good features such as the plush playing table and a chat option that can be disabled anytime. You can turn on notifications to know about game night lives.

You can always set up a private game with your close friends and ask them to join your network. You can even play against computer bots to learn the ropes. This site also have mobile app versions that can be downloaded on any device such as iPad, iPhone, Chromebooks, tablets, Macs, PCs and Android devices.

Benefits of Trickster Spades :

  • You can invite your friends and family to join a game.
  • You can create your own rules with customizable rules option.
  • You can play Spades using this site across multiple devices.
  • You can express your reactions quickly by using chat presets.

NOTE : The game screen features no ads and offers an option to play other games.

MSN Spades - Spade Online

MSN Spades
MSN Spades

MSN is a web portal powered by Microsoft which provides series of internet services. One of the services it offers is the option to play card games online.

This site provides a platform for gamers to enjoy some of the best multiplayer games on the internet. A good example is Spades. You can play Spades for free on the site and enjoy its amazing features.

Benefits of MSN Spades :

  • New players can learn about Spades with the inbuilt tutorials feature.
  • You can select a 2D or 3D graphics gameplay when you launch the site.
  • It is the Microsoft version for spades designed for specific devices.
  • You don't have to create a Microsoft account to play Spades on this site.

NOTE : This version of Spades does not run smoothly on mobile devices or old PCs.

Pogo Spades - Spade Online

Pogo Spades
Pogo Spades

Pogo is a massive online games archive which has a large collection of amazing games for different gamer's audience. One beautiful thing about this site is how the games in their collection are polished to give an attractive look.

Pogo offers a more advanced Spades game when compared to other sites. It is known as "Spades HD" which has series of amazing features. The way the game is presented is quite different from how other sites presents theirs, so that makes Pogo Spades a major go to for Spades lovers.

Benefits of Pogo Spades :

  • Pogo has a wonderful animated gameplay window.
  • The gameplay interface has a unique and fresh appearance.
  • You can play Spades and other types of games as a guest on the site.

NOTE : The Pogo site pops up ads that you will have to deal with.

CardzMania Spades - Spade Online

CardzMania Spades
CardzMania Spades

This is a very good site that allows gamers to play multiplayer Spades online. I've included it on the list for the benefit of Spades game lovers that enjoy the social interaction aspect of the game. If you're in this category, you can never go wrong with this amazing site. You will enjoy playing with friends while you also socialize.

The platform has several chat rooms where players can interact and share ideas. These chat rooms allows players from different locations form a team and the gameplay interface is not complex. It's simple and has a shiny appearance.

Benefits of CardzMania Spades :

  • The gameplay adopts an animated style which makes it unique.
  • You can chat with friends and socialize through the chat rooms feature.
  • It requires no sign up, no subscriptions and no downloads.
  • This site is hassle free because the game screen is free of ads pop ups

NOTE : To get a chance to play with real players, you have to create an account. Spades - Spade Online Spades Spades

This site offers the best "Artificial Intelligent Bots" to go up against. These AI bots offers as much challenge as a real Spades player and the user interface looks second to none. I've basically saved the best for last as the site simplicity has helped it to gain a lot of attention amongst Spades lovers.

The rules on this version of Spades is quite straight forward and is explained in details on the display page just below the game. Ensure you check it out.

Benefits of Spades :

  • You can choose from 5 game speed levels.
  • The site provides a dark theme mode for players who needs it.
  • You can creative your own private table and invite your friends to join.

NOTE : These sites has little to no ads which makes it less stressful to use.


It's important to understand what constitutes a good website to play Spades online as there are several sites that offers this service. If you search the internet, hundreds of websites will spring up but many might not cut it for you. That's why I took the time to list out the best sites where you can enjoy playing Spades online.

What You Should Look Out For When Selecting Sites to Play Spades Online :

  • An amazing user interface that provides safe environment for chats.
  • A platform that offers few or no ads on the gameplay screen.
  • A platform that offers no subscription and is absolutely free.
  • A good graphics that will make the gameplay enjoyable.
  • A site that allows you play the game without requesting you to download.

This key points will be very useful when choosing a site to play Spades online.

You can learn about the " Rules of Spades" to understand how to play the game.

Tell us about your favorite sites to play Spades online in the comment section.

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