Easy Magic Tricks for You to Show Off at Parties in 2023

by Marsha Landry

A little bit of magic here and there is essential in life sometimes. Not only in everyday life, we encounter it in different ways, but it is an excellent way to light up anyone's mood instantly. Magic and magic tricks are loved by kids and adults equally owing to the awe it leaves you in. The ability to surprise everyone and keep them pondering for a while makes it an excellent choice to cheer up parties. Magic seems complicated, but it is quite simple in reality, just need the eye to get to the root of the trick.

What Magic Really Is?

Love can be magic. But, magic can sometimes be just an illusion ! And it is as true as it could be. Magic is nothing but an illusion. It is in a magician's hand to present his tricks just the way he wants, and you believe what he showed actually happened. Most magicians are so good at what they do that we cannot find how they manage to illude you. However, you can discover the secrets of the magicians with a little bit of study and practice.

How Does the Magic Happen?

Magic on stage is a combination of perfect tricks and mesmerizing stage presence. Have you noticed the gorgeous assistants of the magician? Yes, you got that right. They not only assist the magician with the props. It also helps to keep your attention off the magician while he is secretly preparing the tricks.

From a Magician's mouth, magic has three essential components, and understanding them will make it easy for you to play those tricks. The three crucial parts of a magic trick include the pledge, the turn, and the prestige.

The pledge is the foremost part of a magic trick where the magician shows you an ordinary object. This part aims to gain the confidence of the audience that there is nothing special about the object that is being used.

The turn is what seems extraordinary to the people, i.e., when the object disappears. However, for a magician, it is not what he looks forward to. The ultimate test of a magician is the prestige.

The prestige is the most crucial part of a magic trick. While people see the object disappear, some might not be amused by it. They want to see if the magician can bring the object back or how he brings back the object.

How Doesthe Magic Happen?
How Does the Magic Happen?

These three segments collectively, if performed accurately, make up an exceptional magic trick that no one can crack. Magicians believe that no one can copy anyone's magic trick by just looking at it or imitating it. Thorough study of the method is needed to crack it and present in front of the audience without any flaws.

Can Anyone Perform Magic Tricks?

As it is said that there is no magic in magic, it's all in the details. If you learn the details correctly, it won't be challenging to perform any trick in the presence of a vast audience.

Easy Magic Tricks for You to Show Off At Parties

Now that you know the basics of magic let's tell you how you can mesmerize your friends and family at parties and make the events more lively.

Not your average card trick

Card tricks are the heart of any magic event, and all of them absolutely love them. Card tricks are usually easy to deceive, yet the audience might never get how you did it. Let's show you how to amaze your friends with this card trick.

1. Take a deck of cards and ask anyone from the audience to shuffle it.

2. Next, tell the person that you will show everyone the first card of the deck after shuffling. And it's their card.

3. Whereas in reality, you do a double lift and show them the second card instead of the first.

4. Place the first card, anywhere, in the deck, preferably in the middle of the pack. (Remember that the second card is the card they have seen, and it is still at the top)

5. Shuffle the cards once again. But make sure that the first card still stays on the top.

6. Ask the spectator to randomly stop you anywhere while you juggle the cards from one end to the other.

7. Here is the tricky part. You have to quickly slide the first card onto the second half deck before showing it to the audience.

You can learn a Double lift and Slip Force in detail to make it more understandable.

The trick might seem mind-boggling, and it should be for the audience. For you, it would be a game of seconds once you get the grasp of it.

The empty matchbox

The emptymatchbox
The empty matchbox

If you find the card trick to be a bit tricky and complicated, here's an easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy trick for you. Getting to know about this trick would make you understand better why magic is just an illusion.

You need just a matchbox and scissors for this trick.

1. Take the matchbox and cut the matchbox tray into half horizontally. Keep in mind that the flammable outer part is to stay as it is.

2. Now put the matchsticks back into the matchbox tray and slide it into the cover of the tray.

3. To the audience, this is going to look like an ordinary matchbox, but you know it is not one piece.

4. To perform the pledge, you slide the matchbox tray upwards, assisted by your finger's push from the other end. This helps the matches to rise despite the slit in the tray.

5. Slide it back and close it.

6. For the next part, again, slide the matchbox tray upwards. But do not push from the bottom.

7. As the tray is broken into two pieces, it would not carry the matchsticks up without pushing from the lower end.

8. You can repeat step 4 to show the prestige by letting them look at the matchsticks once again.

The disappearing crayons

Thedisappearing crayons
The disappearing crayons

This is another easy trick that requires just a bit of careful handling. If your audience also has a fair number of children enjoying the show, they're going to fall in love with your magic as much as they love crayons.

1. The first step of this trick is a little bit of preparation. Get a box of crayons, preferably 6 or 12.

2. Cut the crayons in half. Just be sure that they are not visible from the opening at the front of the box.

3. Glue them onto a piece of paper of a popsicle stick. It is even better if you make a border of the same material on either side of the crayons.

4. Make sure that the crayons are on the upper half of the box. Hold the box from the front and back firmly just with a finger each.

5. This ensures that the crayons are visible to the audience and don't fall in the middle of the trick.

6. Next, release the pressure and, with a little bit of drama and hand movement, show your audience how the crayons have vanished.

7. To bring the crayons back, tilt the box upside down to bring the crayons back up.

Get ready for a round of applause after this simple yet amazing trick.

The famous wine glass trick

The famouswine glass trick
The famous wine glass trick

The trick involving the disappearing of a coin through a wine glass is quite popular among the magicians and the audience. And if you have enjoyed this trick sometimes in life, you will be amazed at how simple it is.

You would need a colored paper, a handkerchief, a coin, and a wine glass.

1. What you show to the audience is upside down wine glass placed on a colored paper. And on the same paper is another coin placed at some distance.

2. To prepare for the trick, you have to cut a piece of that paper similar to the size of the wine glass's rim. Paste it onto the edge neatly with the colored side facing inside.

3. To demonstrate the trick, put a piece of cloth over the wine glass and place it over the coin.

4. Chant your magic words and tada, the coin has disappeared.

5. The coin is hidden under the wine glass. But the audience cannot distinguish because of the colored paper pasted on the rim.

6. You can slide the glass back, in the same way, to bring the coin back.

This trick is an excellent one to surprise your friends with your magic.

The recreated dollar bill trick

It's another simple trick that can make everyone wonder how you managed to do it.

The best is to do it with a bill of the least denomination so that you do not waste a lot of money.

One important thing to try to have bills with the same numbers for precision.

1. Take two bills and fold them into half. Glue down the edges of one half of the bill to the half of the second bill.

2. While performing the trick, keep half of one bill folded and show only one half to the audience.

3. Tear down the half you are showing to the audience.

4. Once it is torn, push it in the pocket created between the two bills after joining the edges. Do this very carefully.

5. Now the last part involves opening the bill and acting like you have recreated the dollar bill again.

The iconic coin disappearing trick

The coin disappearing trick has been a part of the magician's bag for a long time and liked every time. The trick is well known, yet it doesn't fail to amuse people.

The most important part of the trick is wearing something that has full sleeves.

1. Take a coin and hold it in one hand to show it to the audience properly.

2. Now, make a well with your other hand's fingers and thumb so that the audience cannot see what's happening.

3. With two fingers and a thumb, slide the coin into the other hand (But wait, it's only what you show to the audience)

4. Instead of putting the coin, on the other hand, you just slide it onto the outer side of your hand very carefully.

5. Clap your hands to slide the coin into your sleeve. Be very vigilant while you do this.

6. Lastly, when you're sure that the coin has moved down the sleeve a bit, fold them to show that you have nothing in your sleeve.

Get ready to enjoy the round of applause you get.

These magic tricks can be a treat to the eyes if you master them and leave your audience amazed!

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