How to Make Money As a Sneaker Reseller

by Marsha Landry

Sneakers are valuable products that are in high demand in the market. The business of flipping sneakers for profit is a great way to earn passive income online. The year is 2023 and fashion has become a very lucrative niche.

You can explore the fashion world to make profit because people care about how they look and constantly look out for beauty products and wears that will make them look good. If you can lay your hands on quality sneakers, you definitely have a grasp on the sneakers selling market especially in the United States.

This is because the demand for quality and affordable sneakers in the United States is quite high due to a sneakers loving culture that has been in vogue for years. When it comes to selecting shoes to wear, sneakers are high up there.

In this guide, I will explain how you can make profit as a sneaker reseller and how to get started. This is an untapped niche that you can take advantage of if you're looking for ways to make passive income. It is not a demanding or stressful job.

Here is a detailed guide if you're planning to start the sneaker reselling business.

The sneaker reselling market is highly profitable and according to reports, the global market has made billions of dollars over the years while the projection shows that the income level will increase by roughly 7.0% by the year 2023.

It's an interesting statistics that shows you the benefit and opportunity available in the sneaker reselling market. It is a credible business and the emergence of e-commerce websites has also helped to promote the business.

Now, let's have a closer look on how to flip sneakers for profit.

Major Steps to Take as a Sneaker Reseller

Major Steps to Take as a SneakerReseller
Major Steps to Take as a Sneaker Reseller

There are five major steps to take when planning to resell sneakers. Following these steps will help you make money and become a successful sneaker reseller.

Conduct Extensive Market Research

The first step to take before starting a business is to conduct a proper market research about the product you're planning to sell or service you're planning to render. This comes before anything else. It comes before drafting a business plan or looking out for investors. You must have a very good knowledge of what you want to sell or the brand you're planning to build if you want it to be successful.

There are several useful resources online if you want to learn a few things about a particular niche. For instance, when planning to buy and resell sneakers; you need to understand the type of sneakers that are in demand and your target audience.

It is crucial to understand the new models emerging in the market so as to know what to invest your money on. Understanding how the market will react to your supplies is also important. Get yourself familiar with the models of sneakers that will make you generate profit. Conducting a very good market research will help you make the right choices and also help you take advantage of opportunities.

Select a Platform to Sell Your Sneakers

There are numerous retail stores on the internet but an understanding of how each one works is really important. Once you study the sneaker reselling market, you can move on to choose a perfect platform where you will sell your products.

You need to have a list of several platforms that will allow you sell sneakers and compare them so as to decide which one will be best for you. When you figure that out, you will need to proceed by visiting the website to create an account.

There are factors to consider when selecting a platform to sell sneakers;

  • Check out the fees and charges attached.
  • Check out the mode of cash out or payment.
  • Check out how long it takes to sell a product.
  • Check out the shipping fee cost on each product.
  • Check out the website ratings from their customers.

These are the factors to consider before choosing a platform to sell your shoes.

List of Reliable Platforms to Sell Sneakers

Here are three major platforms where you can resell sneakers;

Flight Club - Link

 Flight Club
Flight Club

This is one of the best and most popular platforms where vendors sell sneakers. You will find series of " Air Jordan " and " Yeezy " products on this platform. It has three major retail locations in the United States which are Miami, New York and Los Angeles. This platform is basically the premium source of sneakers online.

When you create an account, you can dropship the sneakers you want to resell to any of the retail locations near you. You will now have to speak to a Flight Club representative to discuss about your selling price. The sneaker will then get listed and advertised on their website once you've agreed on the rate and selling price.

Once the sneakers are sold, your percentage will be deposited into your account.

eBay - Link


This is a very popular ecommerce website. The numbers of daily active shoppers on this platform is massive. It is one of the best platforms to resell sneakers. It has a user friendly interface and offers amazing plans for vendors looking to sell on the platform. To get started; you will need to create an account then take pictures of your sneakers and proceed to create a product listing. You will then set a price.

You can create 50 product listing per month and the payment options are many.

StockX - Link


This is a site where you can browse thousands of authentic sneakers. It is a big marketplace for sneakers resellers. This e-commerce platform works on a bid based model. This means that buyers are allowed to list their budget and then negotiate a deal with the sneaker seller. The prices of items are not entirely fixed.

You can also sell your sneakers on Stadium Goods platform and major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook marketplace.

Furthermore, you can decide to create your own sneakers selling blog.

Set Your Product Price

The next step to take after choosing the platform to sell your sneakers is to decide a price that will be profitable for you. Setting a product price is easy but you need to consider some factors. This can be a challenge for you if you're new to the business, so my advice for you will be to seek the help of a professional.

Your product price goes a long way. It will determine if buyers will show interest or not. When buyers are shopping for sneakers online, the major thing they look out for is the brand and price of the sneakers. Don't set a price that will put off your potential buyers. Creating a unique product image will help you set the right price for your sneakers. This step is as important as every other step.

Shipping Procedure

This is one of the biggest challenge you'll face when planning to resell sneakers.

Shipping procedure involves preparing your products which in this situation are sneakers for shipping by following the right laws and guidelines within your state or region. You will need to register your name with United States Postal Service known as USPS before starting to ship products online.

This is the best platform to use if you're into the business of reselling sneakers online. You will get 20% discount on product labels and they have a system that supports picking up products at the home or office. This saves money and time.

Product Packaging

The final step is product packaging. It involves packing the sneakers you want to sell neatly and packaging them in a presentable manner. Your customer feedback and satisfaction should be your priority. Ensure the sneakers you're reselling are in good shape. You can pack and label each sneaker depending on the market demand and prepare them for shipping. Ensure you don't delay the process as it could cost you a lot of money. You customers can easily turn to your competitors.

This faster you ship a sneaker in demand, the better for your long term progress.


The business of reselling sneakers is very interesting and one I'll personally love to try out someday. If you're looking for ways to generate passive income, reselling sneakers offers a good money making opportunity. It is a very lucrative niche.

Sneakers are some of the easiest items to flip for cash so it can be an additional source of income. You can easily add it to a long list of legit side hustles. The market is big and the opportunity to make money is massive. Ensure you draft a plan to tap this amazing niche while you can. Don't sleep on it.

You can make a lot of money from reselling quality sneakers online and I can assure you that this guide will be very helpful whenever you decide to start.

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