7 Most Expensive Makeup Products

by Marsha Landry

Makeups are cosmetics applied to the skin to enhance appearance. They have been around since ancient times. Take Egyptian women, for example, who wore it to appease the gods. Unlike the women and men today who wear them for attention.

Today, we have developed makeup for practically every application you can think of. From making the eyes pop to hiding skin blemishes. The demand for these makeup products and the need to always slay and look good is on the high side. This makes for the crowds of hundreds of fashions and makeup lines.

It is also not a shock that these brands are getting more popular and expensive by the second. The shocking thing is that people still rush for them. Consumers of these products are also ready to pay those extra cash to rock these brand products and wears, just for their famous names. The popular brands don't even need to worry whether people are purchasing their product or not. They care about getting more expensive to retain their position as one of the top brands in the market. This is another way that seems to keep people's interest in them. People feel the more expensive something is, the more quality it contains.

Summary of 7 Most Expensive Makeup Products

The table below is a concise comparison between the earlier listed makeup products above for easy understanding.

Makeup Products / Brands Price Range
Texture Packaging Promised Effect
Gold and Diamonds KissKiss lipstick  - Guerlain$62,000Ultra-smooth enriched with hyaluronic acid spheresThe very shinny case an 18-karat solid gold that has been encrusted with studded 199 diamonds weighing 2.2 karatsIncredible lip-shaping and plumping effect.
Orchidée Impériale -
About $1080Comes in 3 different textures; fluid, ultra-light, and silkyIt comes in a jar of modern design, which is very eco-friendly.It is an anti-aging cream that takes care of wrinkles, plus it corrects most skin problems for nearly all skin types.
Beauty Mascara Products - H. Couture
$14,000,000It has a satiny texture that helps to glide through the lashes easilyThe tube alone is made of 2,500 blue diamond, 1,000 0f the premium crystals, and 18-karat goldIt adds more definition to the eyes, which enhances your appearance and has a long-lasting non-smudging ability.

24-karat Nano Night Recovery - Orogold
About $1,200It has a light and silky feel.Comes in a glass bottle with a shiny cap for an exquisite lookIt takes care of sunburns and helps keep your skin feeling soft and moisturized all night long.
Eye Products - Smashbox
Ranges from $52 to $23 depending on the exact eye product (eyeliners, eye shadows, etc.)Smooth, non-sticky, or stiffing textureThey come in pallets, tubes, glass bottles, etc.Long-lasting and it helps improve the eye's skin texture
Gold and Diamond Eyelashes - Kre-At Beauty
  1. Diamond lashes cost about $1350
  2. Gold lashes cost about $295
Rugged textureThey come in attractive paper boxes well placed on what seems to look like well-shaped eye plastics.It is water-proof and smudge-proof, gives you a very natural look which enhances your beauty.
Platinum Nail Polish
Essie Cosmetics
About $55,000It has a streak-free effect. The mixture is not too thick or too light but a bit rough due to the Platinum powder it containsIn a limited edition bottle made out of pure real PlatinumIt has a long-lasting effect and dries off easily when applied.

7 Most Expensive Makeup Products

7 Most Expensive Makeup Products
7 Most Expensive Makeup Products

Below is a list of7 most expensive makeup products in no particular order;

1. Gold and Diamonds Lipstick

The Guerlain Gold and Diamonds lipstick called "KissKiss" is one of the most expensive makeup products on the chart at $62,000. It's no surprise for this French brand to have come up with this unique and costly product to retain its limelight spot. The KissKiss lipstick's case comprises 110g of solid 18 karats yellow gold, coated with a rain of 199 diamonds of 2.2 karats.

The price would not only break your bank, but you'd eventually have to take off this expensive product at the end of the day application. So why even bother, right? Maybe for the pride and respect that comes with wearing one of the most expensive makeup. Luckily, the only compensation for this pricey product is that it comes with its own black wooden case, lip brush, black suede pouch, and it's refillable

2. Orchid ée Imp é riale

This is yet another expensive product by the French brand Guerlain which goes for a price range of $1,953. The English translation of this product's name is "Imperial Orchid." It is a rare flower that helps regenerate skin cells. It combats visible signs of aging and has been proven by several skin care doctors. It works on different types of skin and corrects almost every skin issue. This cream has a sweet floral scent with hints of orchid that mixes with rose, precious cedarwood, and white musk notes.

This unique complete skincare product has also been known for decades for its effectiveness on aging signs and its texture's sensory pleasure. It offers the best that orchid and science can provide long-lasting skin smoothness. It comes in a jar, which is an object of the beauty of modern design that shows the brand's dedication to environmental sustenance.

3. Beauty Mascara

H. Couture is yet another renowned makeup brand that tops the list of expensive makeup brands. A client insisted on an 18-karat gold, blue, white, and pink diamond of the product. It is a version of the company's Swarovski's crystal gold plated lipstick and mascara set, which designer Valez made possible. The mascara tube alone comprises 18-karat gold, 1,000 premium crystals, and 2,500 blue diamonds. This explains the cost of just the tube at 14 million dollars before it was removed from the market. Another wonderful thing apart from its overly expensive nature is that you can refill it when exhausted.

4. 24-karat Nano Night Recovery

OROGOLD is a brand founded in 2008. It might not be considered as one of the oldest brands. But this has not prevented it from launching a series of luxurious products. The brand has also been able to level up its quality to compete as a top brand. The 24k Nano Night Recovery is a well-designed serum made to care for the skin while relaxing or at rest. It combines the relieving properties of green tea extract and Aloe Vera. This light and silky solution keeps your skin soft and moisturized all night. It costs $1,200 due to its excellent gold composition of 24-karats, which accounts for its remarkableness.

So far, this product has not received any positive review or made an effective sale. But the brand believes it will attract potential buyers who are willing to spend thousands for its golden formula.

5. Eye Products

Smashbox is one of the most expensive makeup brands launched in 1966 by two brothers named Dean and Davis.

This brand is famous among prominent people in the world. Celebrities regard it as one of the best on the chart since their products are long-lasting.

They mainly produce eye products such as; eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, or mascara. It gives that desired "Winged Eyeliner" shape for those who love it. The products made by the brand are known for clearing and improving skin texture. The unique oil they add to their eye makeup makes it expensive. Their eye products vary in prices from $52 to $23.

6. Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

The Diamond lashes are made up of diamonds of about 0.2 karats. The diamonds are hand-set on 18-karat gold strips. While the Gold lashes contain Artisan's hand foiled 24-karat gold.

These lashes were specially made for Barneys New York by Kre-at Beauty and Taylor Chang-Babaian (designer). These false eyelashes have earned the recognition of being creative and attractive. Taylor Chang states that she has always been interested in anything concerning beauty. This led her to create Kre-at Beauty from her own lack of sexy eyelashes and the need to adjust false lashes to make them look more natural continually. She took this very matter into her own hands and turned them into beautiful results. In Addition to the natural-looking eyelashes, she also offers you Swarovski crystals designed to give you an elegant and more attractive look. The price tag of the Diamond lashes is $1,350, while the Gold lashes are $295.

7. Platinum Nail Polish

Essie Weingarten started a beauty salon named Essie Cosmetics, which solely produced nails in 1981.

She began by using various types of color mixtures. She was clearly unsatisfied with it. She went ahead, producing a new product that has now topped the chart. Essie was the first cosmetics company ever to create the Platinum Nail Polish. They are contained in strange and ordinary bottles costing just $250. Clearly, "just $250" dollars sounds way too expensive for just nail polish, but guess what? This $250 nail polish didn't stay this way for long. A famous designer Henry Dunay decided to assist in creating a new limited edition bottle from pure and real Platinum. To make up for this, the product's price was increased to $55,000. You wish it were just $250 still, right?


There are many other expensive makeup products apart from those listed above, such as;

  • Diamond-Immersed Eye cream for $399
  • Guerlain Orchidée Impériale mask for $385
  • La Prairie skin caviar concealer foundation for $240 and much more

There are so many essential things youneed to put into consideration when purchasing your desired makeup, other than the beauty and expensive nature of the container. They include your skin type, suiting complimentary colo rs, and so on.

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