Amazing Courageous People In History

by Marsha Landry

Since the existence of the world, people have always showcased amazing characters and attitudes. When they put up a fantastic attitude, they are singled out by other people. Some tribes even classify these sets of people as special people that are worthy to be worshipped.

Before someone is categorized as a courageous person, he or she must have achieved something spectacular that qualifies them to be respected and referenced in their immediate environment. As soon as someone is categorized as a courageous person, some countries or communities honor them with special celebrations or public holidays annually. Some governments even rename some fantastic national monuments in their honor to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts and achievements. While some heroes are unsung, others have gained widespread popularity because of their amazing impact and contribution to events that happened in their environment.

Summary of Amazing Courageous People In History

The table below summarizes the points to note about the courageous people.

Courageous People Points to Note
Liviu LibrescuHe rescued students from being killed.
Margaret CorbinShe took responsibility to lead the cannon after her husband's death.
Arland Williams Jr. and Lenny SkutnikThey rescued the survivors of a plane crash.
SocratesHe was imprisoned for his philosophical beliefs and criticisms of the rich.
Bishnu ShresthaHe rescued a lady from being gang-raped.
GalileoHe was sentenced to prison for his scientific discoveries.
Alia Muhammad BakerShe rescued 70% of the varieties of books in the state library.
Didar HossainHe rescued victims of a collapsed building.
Odette SansomShe never revealed her colleague's identity after being tortured and convicted.
Nelson MandelaHe fought for South Africa's independence and became the first black president of the country.
Summary of Amazing Courageous People In History
Summary of Amazing Courageous People In History

Amazing Courageous People In History

Historically, many people have taken courageous steps and actions to liberate their people and impact them positively. The arrays of courageous people in history necessitate the need to discuss the top-ranked personalities among them. With that said, today, I will be telling you the ten amazing courageous people that have existed and made an incredible impact on the earth.

1. Liviu Librescu

Liviu Librescu (
Liviu Librescu (

Born on the 18th of August 1930, Liviu Librescu a prominent engineer, scientist, and academician that rose to the pinnacle of his career before his death. He is listed among the courageous men that ever lived because of his brave decision to save the lives of his students. Liviu Librescu demonstrated his heroic behavior when Seung-Hui Cho entered Virginia Tech and went on a rampage. He entered the student's rooms to shoot and kill them. When he got the Liviu Librescu's classroom, the professor shut the door on him while the students escaped through the window. Liviu Librescu was eventually shot with five bullets and died on the spot. His giant stride won him the highest civil honor which is the Order of the Star of Romania.

2. Margaret Corbin - Link

Margaret Corbin (ancestralfindings)

If you are thinking about a woman that held the forth, commanded the cannon, and fired the cannon without any help, then it must be Margaret Corbin. Years back, women followed their soldier husbands to the revolutionary war to cook and cater to their laundry needs. This was the same with Margaret Corbin who was comfortable doing this. She got married to John, a soldier, and followed him to Fort Washington in New York. John fights as an assistant cannon gunner. As soon as the cannon commander was struck down, he took charge as the command of the cannon. His wife, Margaret became his assistant. After some time in the war, John was struck down. At this point, nobody was around to take over from him. Margaret Corbin took the responsibilities of the cannon and proceeded in the fight - firing without any assistance. She loaded the cannon and fired at the enemies without any assistance. As time goes by, she was severely wounded such that she never recovered fully from the wounds and bruises she had. Her left arm was rendered useless till she died. Because of her bravery attitude, Margaret Corbin became the first woman to enjoy a soldier's pension in the United States.

3. Arland Williams Jr. and Lenny Skutnik

Arland Williams Jr. and Lenny Skutnik (keyboardandrudder)
Arland Williams Jr. and Lenny Skutnik (keyboardandrudder)

Since the history of different plane crashes that have happened in the air transportation sector, it is rare to hear that someone survived a crash without any bruise and wound. This rare scenario was the case of Arland Williams Jr - who not only walked away from the plane crash but survived in a plane that broke into the freezing Potomac. This ugly scenario happened in 1982 when only six people survived the crash of Air Florida Flight 90. Arland Williams Jr. was instrumental in ensuring four of the survivors survived the crash. He assisted the rescue team to pass the lifeline to the severely injured passengers and the flight crew. Immediately the fourth survivor was rescued, the tail part of the plane sank and Williams went with it. The fifth survivor called Priscilla Tirado was rescued by Lenny Skutnik. She lost a firm grip of the rescue line and was almost sinking into the freezing water when Lenny Skutnik entered the freezing water without his boots and coat to rescue her. He tied the rescue rope around her and pulled Tirado to safety. Without the courage and braveness of these young men, the five survivors rescued would have died.

4. Socrates

Socrates (
Socrates (

The philosophy world has got arrays of intelligent personalities. One of the most prominent philosophers that ever lived on earth is Socrates. The Greek philosopher was known to always criticize the powerful and rich people in the society. His criticism soon generated more enemies for him. He was eventually arrested and charged to court. Socrates was sentenced to death for offenses like corrupting the youth and offending the gods. He was offered the opportunity to apologize to escape death. Socrates refused to apologize and preferred to be killed. This brave attitude of Socrates ranks him among the most courageous people in world history.

5. Bishnu Shrestha - Link

Bishnu Shrestha is a selfless retired soldier that was rewarded for his brave actions against a team of more than 30 robbers on the 2nd of September 2010. The robbers have completed their robbery activities as planned until they decided to add rape to it. As soon as they attempted a lady, Bishnu Shrestha made a brave decision to fight the robbers with a kukri fighting knife. The robbers on their own part were armed with knives, swords, guns, and clubs. Bishnu Shrestha never looked back. He attacked the robbers ferociously. After the attack, he foiled their rape attempt, killed three bandits, and severely injured another eight. However, Bishnu Shrestha was wounded by the bandits as he suffered serious bruises and injuries to his hands. He eventually recovered and was reinstated to the military. Bishnu Shrestha was rewarded with a cash bonus, medals, and discounted travel tickets. Despite the huge recognition give to Bishnu Shrestha, he turned down the reward given to him by the target girl's family.

6. Galileo

Galileo (
Galileo (

Galileo was an Italian Scientist and a devoted Catholic. His interest in making landmark discoveries made him embrace science and proved his discoveries to the church without any fear. This brave action put him at disadvantage in the church. Galileo was presented with the option to deny his views or accept imprisonment. He chooses to spend a certain part of his life in jail. His discovery and idea that the earth revolves around the sun were considered heretical by the Roman catholic. This and other scientific discoveries made the government place him under house arrest. Galileo also risked eternal damnation and ex-communication from the Roman Catholic church at that time. All these happened to Galileo because of his discoveries.

7. Alia Muhammad Baker - Link

Alia Muhamad Baker (alchetron)

In 2003, the beautiful city of Basra in Iraq was under siege. The city witnessed constant bombardment by American, British, and Australian forces. They didn't care about the safety of important features of the city. The museums and Al Basrah Central Library that has highly important and historical books in the middle east was among the prime targets of these forces. Alia Muhammad Baker, the head librarian, took a brave action of recruiting people that are available to join her rescue mission. About 70% of the books and old manuscripts in the library were rescued before the building was consumed by fire. Her decision to act against the directive given by the state governor who had made laws that nobody must move books from the library was widely acknowledged by the Iraqis.

8. Didar Hossain

The Rana Plaza building collapse is among the worst building collapses that happened in recent times. This building collapse caused the death of many workers as it fell on them. As soon as the building collapsed, Didar Hossain was working at the opposite side of the collapsed plaza. Immediately he saw what happened, he thought of helping the victims. He walked his way through to help some of the victims. He was spotted dragging out survivors and dead bodies. He also performed amputations so that other trapped workers can be freed. At the end of his rescue mission, Didar Hossain rescued 34 workers from the collapsed building.

9. Odette Sansom

Odette Sansom (what-when-how)
Odette Sansom (what-when-how)

Odette Sansom worked as a British spy in the second world war. She performed risky intelligence roles because the germans consistently investigated their enemy transmissions through the airwaves.

After been betrayed, Odette Sansom was captured, tortured, and sentenced to a Paris jail. While she was tortured, she never revealed the identity of her colleagues. Odette Sansom was sentenced to death but her execution never took place. She survived the second world war and decided no to seek revenge. Instead, she committed her life to charities.

10. Nelson Mandela - Link

Nelson Mandela (

Nelson Mandela was an exemplary leader that fought for the resistance of South Africans against racial segregation. In 1963, the faithful leader was arrested and imprisoned for treason. Nelson Mandela was a relevant member of the armed and political opposition movement that fought for the independence of South Africa. Years later, he was sentenced to death with charges of plotting to take over the government. Nelson Mandela spent 20 years in jail instead of life imprisonment. He later became the first black president of his country after their independence.


The world has got many courageous persons in history. Today, I have discussed the top amazing courageous people worldwide. Happy reading!

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