Play Arknights New Characters and Darknights Memoir event on PC

by Marsha Landry

Arknights is the best strategy game developed by Studio Montage and published by Yostar. It is a unique storyline game with the best stories. Many updates are added to the game. Recently four new characters are added to the game. Also, a new event name as Darknights Memoir Event added to the game. This game is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can also play Arknights on PC by using android emulators.

Play Arknights New Characters and Darknights Memoir event on PC:
Play Arknights New Characters and Darknights Memoir event on PC:

Four New Operators

As we discussed in the overview of Arknights that four new characters are added to the game. These new characters are added to rosters. These new characters are the following.

  • Sideroca
  • Phantom
  • Shamare
  • Cutter

All these four characters added great fun to the gameplay of Arknights. We discuss the ability of these new characters in detail.


It is a female character. And it is considered as the strongest new character of Arknights. It is 5- star guard specialist. It is specialized in art damage and leaves great damage to enemies. The art damage specialization of this character will become more strong by defeating enemies. So we can say that it is the best character of Arknights.


This is a 5-star supporter character. This character also has the best ability. It supports the attacker characters. It has a great affinity. It helps the other characters to weaken the enemies. It also takes part in debuffing the enemies.



It is also a newly added character. It is a 6-star specialist. It helps the other characters when they need help. The other characters can easily call it for help when they need help. It is very easy to deploy this character in the field. Also, the teammates can easily withdraw this character from the battlefield. When they do not need its help. So we can say that this character also has a great ability to be easily deployed and withdrawn. This ability makes the character more popular.



This new character is a 4-star Guard Specialist. It has the best ability that when it attacks an enemy, it inflicts double damage. This ability is not for any special attack, but it is for every normal attack. It also has the best ability that it restore SP. When it hits on the enemies, then it can restore the SP. This character has double abilities, and it is considered as one of the top characters of Arknights. If you are Arknights lover and want to inflict double damage on your enemies, then this character for good results.


Darknights Memoir Event

The Darknight Memoir Event is the name of the Holiday event in Arknights. This event revolves around a character named W. Character. Those who are invested in buying a plot of Arknights to get more information about the game. This event is a great opportunity for those investors. During this event, the players can access limited stages. Overall they can access 15 limited stages.

These stages include 6 ex stages, 8-stages normal, and one secret stage. The players will be awarded special Anonymous tags to complete the challenges. They can trade the upgrade materials, furniture, and the item with those tags. Sideroca token is one of the best items among all other items. This event increases the entertainment of Arknights gameplay. We can say that this event is added to the game for entertainment purposes, and it is the best event with the best storyline.

DarknightsMemoir Event
Darknights Memoir Event

Tips for playing Arknights

In the above article, we discussed the new characters and new events in Arknights. Now we will share some tips and tricks to become the master of Arknights. These tips help you to progress faster in the game.

1. Complete the stories on a daily and weekly basis. It helps you to unlock new features.

2. Arrange the best and balanced squad of your team. It helps you to complete the stories easily.

3. Build your base as soon as possible. It helps you to get LMD and EXP Card.

4. Always upgrade the skills of your operators.

5. Add your friends into the game to get more FP. The FP is used as currency.

How to play Arknights on PC?

The game lovers throughout the world play this best storyline game. Most of them use smartphones to play this game, but some love to play it on their PC. But they are unaware of the playing of android games on PC. They can easily play Arknights on PC by android emulators. There are free emulators available for this purpose. The lighter and best android free emulator is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a famous and popular android emulator available in the market. It is free to use this android emulator. This android emulator supports all the android versions. So all the android games and apps can be used in this android emulator. This android emulator has the best interface that helps the users to play the game easily.

Introductionto LDPlayer
Introduction to LDPlayer

How to download LDPlayer?

The PC game lovers, after reading the features of this android emulator, want to download LDPlayer. So we share its downloading methods here.

1. Visit the official website of the android emulator LDPlayer.

2. There is more than one version of this emulator on its website.

3. Select your favorite version and download it.

4. The next step is to install it on a PC.

5. Visit LDStore after installation. Download your favorite game from LDStore.

Howto download LDPlayer?
How to download LDPlayer?


In the above article, we discussed the new update of Arknights. In this update, four new characters are added to the game. The new characters have different abilities, and also they have different functions. We also discussed the new Darknights events of Arknights in detail. These four new characters will bring a change to the gameplay. The new events also help the player a lot. We shared some useful tips and tricks in this article to play Arknights in the best way. These tips help you to become the winner of the game. We also discussed how to play Arknights on PC, and we discussed LDPlayer in detail. We recommend all Arknights lovers download LDPlayer to enjoy this game on PC.

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