Best Netflix Shows and Documentaries About Basketball

by Marsha Landry

Best Netflix Shows and Documentaries About Basketball

Best Netflix Shows and Documentaries About Basketball
Best Netflix Shows and Documentaries About Basketball

Basketball has always been a great sport for true story television shows and documentaries, and with the emergence of streaming services, there are more stories to watch than ever before.

Here are five basketball shows and documentaries available on Netflix that all fans need to see.

The Last Dance (2020)

Released by ESPN and Netflix to global attention, The Last Dance is the ultimate documentary series focusing on Michael Jordan and in particular his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan is a central interviewee in The Last Dance as the greatest player of all time provides unique insight into his unrivaled career and delves into on- and off-court controversies. Using never-seen-before footage and behind-the-scenes archives, The Last Dance is a masterpiece of a docuseries and is essential viewing for all basketball fans.

Last Chance U: Basketball (2021)

Following on from the massive success of Last Chance U, the docuseries that focused on Junior College football programs at East Mississippi Community College and Independence Community College, and their talented but troubled athletes, Netflix pivoted towards basketball for the most recent season with

Focusing on the basketball program at East Los Angeles College, Netflix follows the lives of head coach John Mosley, his staff, and the players as they attempt to turn their talent into a championship-winning team - and with it earn transfers to major colleges.

A basketball series as much about rising to the challenge of adversity as it is about chasing a dream.

Iverson (2014)

The ultimate documentary on one of the most original, talented, and groundbreaking athletes basketball has ever seen, Iverson profiles the rise and fall of Allen Iverson - from his impoverished childhood through to his status as a Philadelphia 76ers legend.

The many controversies of Iverson's life and career are documented throughout the movie, with the man himself offering his take on events. The documentary provides a vital reminder to fans of just how good Iversen was and the enormous impact he made on the game and culture of basketball.

One in a Billion (2016)

Basketball is undoubtedly a global game but in a country of more than a billion people where cricket reigns supreme, trying to make it to the NBA as an Indian player presents plenty of challenges.

One in a Billion documents the journey of Satnam Singh Bhamara from his rural village in India to New York City as he attempts to become the first Indian to be drafted into the NBA.

Anyone who slightly followed the career of Bhamara will know this documentary has a satisfying ending, and the wider story of shooting for your dreams against all odds will resonate with viewers.

Untold: Malice at the Palace (2021)

If you think the only thing in this sport that gets on your nerves is the 2022 NBA trade deadline rumors by TwinSpires, you have to see this documentary.

One of the most infamous incidents in NBA history occurred on November 19, 2004 at The Palace of Auburn Hills, where fans and players engaged in an ugly brawl during a game between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons.

If you think you know everything there is about the Malice at the Palace, think again. This episode from the Untold series goes deep into the controversy, revealing new information about what occurred and why, and shedding a new perspective on the severe punishments handed out by the NBA.

Metta Sandiford-Artest (then Ron Artest) was at the center of the brawl and as one of the most unique characters in basketball, provides riveting commentary on the whole episode.

Malice at the Palace also speaks to many other players and figures (including fans) involved in the fight as viewers gain a complete understanding of the controversy.

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