Best Sites For Unlocked Games in 2023

by Marsha Landry

It's that period of the year where we all have to stay at home. Just to stay safe and healthy. But are you getting bored of staying at home already ?, during this Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, we all are and can't wait for it to end as quickly as possible. So we have made an article to help you pass time as the day progresses. This article with take you into the world of the best sites to get unlocked games. These sites are available for anyone who is interested in playing it.

Best Sites For Unlocked Games

Though, you have to be careful while using these sites. Some parents and guardians frown at children playing games instead of investing this time into something else. But you just want to get rid of this boredom. You need to start playing games, to let loose yourself in it. So you enter these sites, make sure you are not caught if you have parents that frown at it. These article is ready to provide you with sites which you can download unblocked games for free. These sites are yet to be caught and sanctioned online and are not blocked currently speaking. So you should check them out as soon you are done with this article.

They include;

1. Boredbutton.Com - Unlocked-Games Site


When it comes to having fun on a site. This is the site you will definitely want to try out. The main feature of the site is to help eradicate any form of boredom. That is, boredom you are currently facing during this self-isolation period. They have this bomb intro that makes you want to even try it out more. The moment you open the site and access it, you are welcomed with the words that has to do with boredom. Its catchy and funny when you read it.

Moment, you click on a big red button. It takes its users to one of the many sites where you can destroy your boredom. On this site, you get to play any random game of your choice. These games are usually top notch and addictive if you play too long. Just visit the site and explore the world of enjoyment and fun.


· Easily accessible and easy to navigate around.

· Plenty games on their database to try out.

· Works on multiple platform.

2. GOOGLE GAMES - Unlocked-Games Site


Well one thing about this game, is that it's not actually a site on its own but rather an extension of a the popular Google Chrome Browser. You can play games as much as you want on the Google games. Games that can help you kill time as quickly as possible. Chances that the games will be blocked are very low, as the game is owned by Google. You can various genres of games on the google games.


· Can be accessed at any time of day and anywhere.

· It is owned by Google, so worrying about it being blocked is not needed.

· It is available on multiple platform.

· It is easy to use and navigate around.

· Contains a lot of genre of games.

3. - Unlocked-Games Site

This is the next best site to try out in our article. It contains the very best of games you can play. They are one of the most popular and most used site online.


· They have a large database of games you can try out.

· They have a well sectioned site, which makes it easy for users to get their games easily.

· Slick and User friendly site for users.

Note - Before you can play games on this site you need something. What's that you might ask?, You need an Adobe Flash Player (must be enabled for the games to work).

4. Unblockedgames24h - Unlocked-Games Site


Another site to try out, is this particular site. They offer users different genres of game to try out to kill off boredom. They have a well sectioned game site and it makes it easy to navigate around. Just visit the site, open any game of your choice and start playing. They are well stocked with some of the most popular games online. So you have nothing to worry about when you looking for popular games.


· Have a massive collection of games on their site.

· Easy and User friendly site.

· Easily accessible and easy to navigate around.

· One of the best site to try out.

Note - Same as the previous site, you will need an Adobe Flash Player. You have to enable it, so you can enjoy the game.

5. - Unlocked-Games Site

Do you love maths?, does maths give you the joy you seek in life. Then this game is the one for you. Not only is this a game, it's a learning tool for students who are currently in self-isolation. It should be added to school curriculum as it will help student learn faster. It is one of the best site to try out. This site contains various mathematical based games. Games like puzzle and quantitative reasoning. It will help change your mind to see life more in a mathematical way.


· Easily accessible and easy to navigate around.

· Site is slick and user friendly.

· It's a game for building the intelligence of growing children.

· It can help improve the mathematical skills of individuals very much.

6. Unblocked Games - Unlocked-Games Site

Unblocked Games
Unblocked Games

Another site from Google games, where you have lots of games to try out. As a user, just visit the site and have as much fun as possible. They have a massive collection of games to play. Look for your favorite game and start playing.


· Easily accessible and easy to navigate.

· They have a massive collection of different genres of games.

· The site is slick and user friendly.

Note - You will require an Adobe Flash Player. Enable it and start playing your games.

7. Mills Eagles - Unlocked-Games Site

Mills Eagles
Mills Eagles

One of the most popular online site you can pretty much find unblocked games. You can play some fascinating games during this isolation period. To enjoy the games on this site, just visit the site. Find the games of your choice, and start playing.


· Its one of the most discrete site for unlocked games.

· It has large database for games online.

· They have an easily accessible site and easy to navigate interface.

· You can enjoy lots of games, all the time you visit.

8. Unblockedgames333 - Unlocked-Games Site


Another great site to try out during this period of pandemic. They are one of the most popular site to try out during this period. It has a large database for games. They have a well sectioned interface for all their games. Multiple genres are available for users to play.


· Ranked as one of the best sites to get unblocked games to play.

· Enjoying its features is super easy and easily accessible.

· Nice UI with slick designs to top it off.

· They have a massive collection of games with different genres.

9. Surviv.Io Game For Chrome - Unlocked-Games Site

Surviv.Io Game For Chrome
Surviv.Io Game For Chrome

One of the best game you can use with chrome extension. This is the second game we are listing that is part of chrome extension. You can easily add it to the browser to enjoy anytime of the day. Do you want to survive this pandemic?, why not try this game and don't die of boredom. You can become an addict of the game, the moment you start. There is no going back.


· It's easy to access and navigate around the game.

· You can save the game on the browser extension and play later.

· Offers lots of varying genres of games.

· Addictive if played for too long

10. Unblocked Games Pod - Unlocked-Games Site

UnblockedGames Pod
Unblocked Games Pod

Well, we move onto the following site in this article. When talk about the bomb and the best, this site is what we refer to usually. Its one of the best site to get unlocked games totally for free. Works on multiple platforms.


· They have one of the best layout and UI that you can find anywhere.

· The games are easy to play and you will definitely enjoy them.

· You may or may not require Adobe Flash Player to play any game.

One unique feature peculiar to this site is the full-screen mode. Allows user to enjoy games in full-screen mode, making gaming experience better and enjoyable.

11. Atari Breakout On Google - Unlocked-Games Site

AtariBreakout On Google
Atari Breakout On Google

Have you ever heard of the game called Atari Breakout?. Well if you haven't, you try out this game on Google. Its a fun game to play and it's easy to play. Simple open your browser, visit the Google site. Search for Atari Breakout game. Then proceed to play the game, for as long as you like.


· Its a classic game that is quite easy to play.

· You can easily play it, since it's own Google.

· You can also visit the classic arcade game site to enjoy the game.

In conclusion,

Well, the list has given you the best unblocked games you can enjoy. All which are easy to play during this period of self-isolation. It will help deal with boredom and kill away time. Hope you enjoyed the read and try to check out the sites and extension. Thank you for reading.

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