The Best People Search Engines to Find People in 2023

by Marsha Landry

Have you lost contact with an old school mate? Or you're looking for an old neighbor who now lives in another state? Or you just want to make background checks on some people? Whatever your aim or plan is, there are amazing people search engines available on the internet. These sites will reunite you with long lost friends and also provide detailed information of people you seriously desire.

There are several sites and platforms that can be used to find people online from the comfort of your home. You don't have to hit the road or drive around town.

Every people search engine has its unique functions and the right thing to do is figuring out the best that works perfectly for your information search needs. For instance, the people search features on social media websites are best used to find long lost friends you're looking to reunite with. If you're looking for criminal records of people, there are search engines dedicated for that.

Therefore, in this guide; I will introduce readers to the best people search engines and explain briefly how each and every one of them works.

The best people search platforms can be used to search for detailed information such as;

  • People's Photos
  • People's Assets
  • People's Civil Judgements
  • People's Contact Information
  • People's Social Media Presence
  • People's Police and Criminal Records
  • People's Background Information Check

…and so on. The list is endless.

The Best People Search Engines to Find People

The Best People Search Engines toFind People
The Best People Search Engines to Find People

Here is a comprehensive list of the best and most reliable people finder sites;

Instant Checkmate - Find People Link

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a unique Public Record Search Service available in U.S.A. This website have a constantly updated register of people and even offenders.

This comprehensive register consists of reports associated with individuals and groups of people with criminal records, marriage entanglement and personal assets. This is a good website for searching people's history but the slow interface can be an issue due to constant warnings of contents you'll uncover popping up.

That said, it is still a very useful engine used in searching not just criminal records but address, contact information and even weapons permits of people on in the database. You will gain access to unlimited reports when you subscribe.

Price Plan : Monthly subscription fee is $34.78 USD.

PeekYou - Find People Link


This is a people search platform dedicated to getting information about people based on their social media engagements. It provides users with details of people in respect to their web profiles, social media accounts, blogs, email address and even public records. This website has a "patented technology" feature that allows users to get search results from series of news sources, blogs and websites.

The search results might not meet your expectations but it is worth the try since the service is offered for free.Find colleagues and loved ones across the web.

Price Plan : This people search service is absolutely free .

LinkedIn - Find People Link


This is the biggest professional online platform in the world. It is the best search engine for users looking to search for people by their professional information.

This website is developed by Microsoft and has a "Boolean Search" feature that enables users to search for specific keywords using names and location. Users can filter their search with a side-bar options which helps to refine the search results.

Price Plan : This professional people search platform is free to use.

Intelius - Find People Link


This people search service covers a lot of ground when it comes to searching for people's personal details like phone numbers and address, as well as background check to reveal criminal records of individuals. It has a robust database that helps users to find social network information and assets records of certain people.

It is specially designed for use in the United States and doesn't come for free.

The site offers accurate and constantly updated information from millions of people across the States. You will get the best people search report on this site.

Price Plan : It charges $19.95 per month but with 50% off in the first month.

BeenVerified - Find People Link


This is one of the best people search engines on the internet due to its wide range of data and information sources. It provides users with genuine details of people's contact address, house address, background reports and even criminal records.

You can sign up for free but will need to subscribe if you want to gain access to additional features and in-depth information about people you're searching. For instance, faster search results and unlimited search reports that includes loan records, past/present location and asset details. The membership plan is unique.

Price Plan : Pay $1.0 USD for a 5 days membership plan trial.

Whitepages - Find People Link


This website offers much more service than being just a basic people finder site. Aside having access to social and professional details of people, users can also get core information like cellphone numbers, email addresses, business details, fraud ratings, criminal records, maiden name, locations, assets details and many more.

It offers a good way to make background check when finding people online. This platform is trusted by well over 35 million people every month, which makes it one of the most reliable people search engine to use. Access to basic information is free but you need to subscribe to the premium package to get detailed reports.

Price Plan : Premium service costs $19.95 USD monthly.

Pipl - Find People Link

The Best People Search Engines to Find People in 2023: Pipl
The Best People Search Engines to Find People in 2023: Pipl

A unique people search platform that helps you find detailed information of people such as phone number, email address, contact address, social profile etc.

It is a very popular people search website that provides accurate information at all times. This list will not be complete without it because unlike most other sites, its search service is available in most countries around the world. You can get contact and social information of people on the go, as well as professional information. This search service is free for personal use and arguably the best.

Price Plan : It charges $99.00 USD per month for corporate use.

Spokeo - Find People Link


This popular people search engine lets you search people by their names, contact details and even location. The information provided on this platform are drawn from hundreds of social networks, public records and white pages listing.

If you search the "deep web" you will find photos and social profiles of people.

It is one of the best people finder site that helps reunite people but its database is strictly for people living in the United States of America. You can make good use of this wonderful platform to confidentially look up information about people.

Price Plan : Paid subscription costs $4.95 USD monthly.

Facebook - Find People Link


This particular social media platform needs no introduction. It is by far the most used social media platform in the world when considering how it cuts across all gender and age groups. In fact, it is the first site people visit when finding people.

Facebook search offers much more features than you'll ever imagine. You can find people based on their personal interest, location, where they work or places they have visited and so on. This is known as the "Graph Search" feature. There is also the "Find Friends" feature that allows users filter search with series of options. It is provides a great option for searching people on a global stage.

Price Plan : Facebook people search service is free for all.

ZabaSearch - Find People Link


This people finder website is free and can be used to get public information from any device. Users can either search by name or by phone number. This service provides different search options that includes White Pages List, Reverse Phone Lookup, Advanced People Search and a Free Search Menu.

This people search engine is designed to dig up people's personal information from a library of phone directories and court records. All you need to do is to enter the name, date of birth and location of the person you're looking for.

It is a free and reliable people search engine that I'll personally recommend.

Price Plan : This people search platform is totally free .


The people search websites listed in this guide are highly reliable. They've been tested and trusted which means you have nothing to worry about. They are the best you'll ever get and they can finally be a solution to your needs.

These are valuable tools for searching people's information. However, they might not be 100 percent accurate all the time as most of the sites provides these basic information from public records. It is advisable not to use these information for official use such as granting loans, employments, scholarships or lending funds.

Instead, see these sites as valuable tools to reunite you with people you've lost contact with or to get a little bit of further information about certain people.

NOTE : Most of these people finder services works best in the US but some are available in other countries. Ensure to check if the site you're subscribing to is supported in the country you live in. We've provided links to all the websites.

Kindly tell us about your favorite people search engine in the comment section.

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