Best Ways to Get Paid to Post Ads

by Marsha Landry

A good way to make money online is by posting ads. There are several ways to get paid to post ads and each one comes with exciting benefits. This is a legit way to earn passive income that can be used to pay daily or monthly bills.

Posting ads online is a form of brand marketing and products promotion. It is a very lucrative niche that can be explored at your own convenient time.

Best Ways to Get Paid to Post Ads

Here are some of the best ways to get paid to post ads;

Posting Ads on Your Personal Blog

You can decide to start blogging if you want to get paid to post ads. If you decide to create your own blog, you should select a suitable niche that is marketable. People start blogging for different reasons which could be to share their life experience or keep people up to date with the latest news around. Whatever the reason might be, I can assure you that the ultimate goal is to make extra income.

If you own a blog, you can use the platform to post ads and promote brands while you get paid. You can advertise products and services on your blog by using MediaVine or Google AdSense. These will help you optimize your stand a unique advertiser. Running a blog is easy but you need to build your blog traffic to a high level if you want to earn from posting ads. When there is a high traffic on your blog, the number of visitors that will click ads you post will definitely increase, which in turn increases the amount of money you will get paid.

Posting Ads on Your Personal Blog
Posting Ads on Your Personal Blog

As a blogger, you will get paid to post ads from different programs such as;

  • Sponsored Ads
  • Ad Networks
  • Banner Ads

You can make use of Bluehost to create a blog if you don't have one. It will only cost you $2.95 USD per month to get started. You will get free 1 year domain.

Posting Ads on Social Media Websites

One of the best ways to get paid to post ads is by advertising on social media websites. Social media websites have millions of active members across their platform. This makes it an area to target when marketing a product or service.

Advertising on social media platforms is very effective if you have a huge number of followers. As an influencer, it is easy to get engagements on the contents you share on your profile, so you can as well use the opportunity to make money by posting ads. This is known as influencer marketing. Visit influenz to learn more.

Here are major social media platforms where you can post ads for profit;

There are many brands and companies willing to pay you to advertise their products or services on any of these social media platforms listed.

Posting Ads through Affiliate Marketing

This is a very good way to get paid to post ads. Affiliate marketing is a big niche and it involves advertising products and services through affiliates. You will get paid to promote products from individuals or brands. One good thing about this option is the fact you'll get paid once visitors click on ads. It does not matter if they don't buy the product being advertised. You can also endorse products.

Posting Ads through AffiliateMarketing
Posting Ads through Affiliate Marketing

You have to register with an affiliate marketing networks such as;

These affiliate networks will pay you for posting products links and banner ads. You can register for free and start earning from payouts per click on these sites.

Posting Ads as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are special professionals that offers creative assistance and administrative service remotely to clients. Part of the responsibilities of a virtual assistant involves posting sponsored ads and finding advertising partners for big brands across the world. It is a lucrative way of making hundreds of dollars.

Virtual Assistants are responsible for the following;

  • They help individuals and organizations to manage finances.
  • They are responsible for the handling of administrative tasks.
  • Virtual assistants coordinates data entries in different fields.
  • Virtual assistants conduct a lot of research in different niches.
  • They help to process online purchase orders and facilitate refunds.

You can offer your service in diverse ways and get paid handsomely.

Posting Ads as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is one of the most lucrative way to get paid to post ads.

Starting a freelance career in the aspect of products marketing and brand promotion is an excellent business idea that will not only fetch you the desired income but also make you rich. You can post ads by working as a social media manager or simply join any freelance platform to create an ads posting gig.

Here are some of the best freelance platforms:

Clients will ask you to work on advertising projects and pay you in exchange for your service. You can also work as a Pay-Per-Click Specialist where you get to earn from sponsored ads on Bing, Yahoo and Google. Furthermore, there are series of individuals and brands willing to outsource jobs on freelance platform. So you can tap into the marketing and advertising niche to earn $200 to $2000 USD monthly. Ensure you constantly upgrade yourself as clients will demand the best from you.

Posting Ads on Rideshare Cars

This method might sound stale but it's an effective way to make money from posting ads. This is known as "Car Advertising". There are companies that will offer you the opportunity to get paid while you advertise their products and services on your car. This was a major way of advertising products before the internet took over. A good example of such company is Carvertise.

Carvertise is America's largest rideshare advertising company. You will be offered the opportunity to advertise on rideshare cars. It is affordable and memorable.

This company helps brands to pass across their message in a unique way. They offer an effective way that allows brands to reach their target consumers. You can work with this company as it offers a great outdoor advertising service that allows you to make passive income. Some local brands will also pay you to wrap their products and service advert on your car.

Posting Ads at Events and Sports Tournaments

Finally, you can get paid to post ads by participating at events such as sports tournaments or conferences. It is an incredible way to make money from ads.

These sporting events could be soccer, car racing or rugby. Big sports events like this make it possible to make money from advertising due to the large number of spectators present when the event is live. To post ads at these events, you will be expected to wear branded items that will boldly showcase whatever product you are advertising. You can also join groups that will allow you to be noticed at these events. A good example is cheer leading groups. You have to be very active at any of these events so as to get a lot of people to see the brand you're promoting.

Many brands will constantly look out for participants at big events and sports tournaments that can help them with ads promotion. Ensure you make the most of this money making opportunity. It is worth the time and effort.

Furthermore, you can also post ads as body tattoos. This is an exciting option if you're a rock star or celebrity. This is not an option for everyone, you have to be willing to do it. You can print a temporary tattoo of any brand on your body.


You can make a lot of money from posting ads either online or offline. Ads posting involves advertising products and promoting brands. If you understand the basic strategies, you can easily add it to your streams of income.

The internet provides a lot of money making opportunities and posting ads is one. You need to understand how it works and just like any other online job, you'll be expected to put in some effort if you want to get paid. You must prepare yourself and I believe this article will set you up on the right part to get started.

As discussed in this guide, there are several ways to get paid to post ads. Each of these ways comes with its benefits and most are less stressful. They are also legit and very lucrative. However, you should beware of possible online scams.

You main goal is to connect with brand customers and actively engage them.

Ensure you study these ways of getting paid to post ads and also implement them whenever you have the chance. Make sure you share the article with your friends.

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