Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World

by Marsha Landry

Living a healthy life is important to the existence of the human race. Some many foods and supplements contain varieties of plants and other essential items. These items contribute tremendously to the well-being of the human race.

As of today, one of the items harvested for the nutritional benefits of men is mushroom. Mushrooms have been identified to have amazing health benefits and high medicinal values. Some of the important medicinal values of mushrooms to men include lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating chronic pain, and management of the diabetic condition. When mushroom was first discovered, it was found growing around the environment without cultivating it. However, the narratives changed in 1652 when farmers began its cultivation. By 1894, mushrooms became popular among the world populace. The mushroom growing structure was also built in the same year. Nowadays, mushrooms are widely used and cherished by nutritionists and health experts. Hence, it has become popular in all continents of the world.

Summary of Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World

The table below summarizes the prices of the expensive mushrooms.

Mushrooms Price
Yartsa Gunbu$2,000 an ounce
European White Truffle$3,600 per pound
Matsutake$2,000 per pound
Chanterelles$224 per pound
Oyster$12 per kg
Black Truffles$168 per ounce
Porcini$48 per pound
Fly Amanita$24.75 per 30 grams
Bearded Tooth$50 per kg

Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World in Detail

Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World in Detail
Most Expensive Mushrooms in the World in Detail

While some are cheap and common, others are expensive and have huge health benefits. The arrays of expensive mushrooms worldwide necessitates the need to discuss the most expensive among them. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the most expensive mushrooms all over the world.

1. Yartsa Gunbu - Link

Yartsa Gunbu

Currently, Yartsa Gunbu is not only the most expensive mushroom worldwide but is also a highly nutritious and huge amount of therapeutic constituents. The Yartsa Gunbu mushrooms are obtained from the ghost moth caterpillars. They use the airborne tiny spores on the caterpillars to get them infected. As it grows, the Yartsa Gunbu mushroom starts feeding on its host in a parasitic mode. It does this while it lives inside the caterpillar. As soon as the caterpillar dies, the mushroom starts growing as a long, skinny, and with a knobby carrot-like appearance. If you are able to afford the Yartsa Gunbu mushroom, you will earn huge respect amongst your colleagues, family, and friends. The Yartsa Gunbu mushroom costs $2,000 an ounce.

2. European White Truffle

European White Truffle
European White Truffle

Second on the list of the most expensive mushrooms all over the world is European White Truffle. The expensive mushroom has European countries like Italy and France as their natural habitat. It is also imported from China. The species of European White Truffle cultivated in these European countries are of higher quality and nutritious than those cultivated in China. The mushroom grows underground. They are found at the base of oak trees and are majorly found in the European veggies market. The European White Truffle mushrooms are rare in the market because they are difficult to harvest for farmers. The difficulty experienced in harvest accounts for the reason why it is expensive in the market. However, if you decide to purchase the low-quality Chinese European White Truffle, you will get it at a lower price compared to that of Europe. The European White Truffle costs $3,600 per pound.

3. Matsutake - Link


Third, on the list of the most expensive mushrooms worldwide is the Matsutake mushroom. The expensive mushroom is predominantly cultivated in Japan. It has locations like the Tamba region near Tokyo as its natural habitat. Hence, it is commonly sold and consumed in Japan because of the spicy and fruity aroma it brings to well-prepared delicacies. When you see the Matsutake mushroom, you can easily recognize it with its pale, smallish, short stem, and well-formed cap. The Matsutake mushroom has distinctive gills at the base of its cap. The Mushroom is not harvested in large quantities when compared to the rate of harvesting in years past. This is because it grows in the same location as the red pine trees, a tree that is widely sorted by insects. Hence, the insects render the mushrooms unproductive. You can purchase the Matsutake mushroom for about $2,000 per pound.

4. Morels - Link


Fourth on the list of the most expensive mushrooms worldwide is Morels mushroom. The mushroom is widely sold in different veggie markets all over the world. They grow with a ruffled and conical head that looks more like a sponge or human brain. It also has a sturdy stem. The Morels mushroom looks a bit comical when it is prepared and served with other delicacies. It has an intense and unique taste when eaten along with other foods. The Morels mushroom is mostly found between March to May yearly. Research has suggested that the mushroom is not easy to harvest because they are usually surrounded by leaves. This accounts for the reason why it is expensive in the market. The dried Morels mushroom costs around $254.

5. Chanterelles - Link


If you are looking for a mushroom that adds a spicy flavor to food, the Chanterelles is the best mushroom you can purchase. It is ranked among the most expensive mushrooms for different reasons. The Chanterelles mushroom comes in different attractive colors ranging from white to golden to yellow to orange. However, the lovers of the mushroom cherish the golden color more than other colors. The Chanterelles mushroom is majorly found in the central part of Europe predominantly in countries like Ukraine. It grows within pines and also germinates when there is a rain downpour followed by humidity and heat. The Chanterelles mushroom has a fruity scent, spicy flavor with a light appearance. To eat the Chanterelles mushroom, it must be cooked properly because you can become ill - if it is eaten raw or semi-cooked. The Chanterelles mushroom costs around $224 per pound.

6. Oyster


When you are interested in cultivating a fast-selling mushroom that is also expensive, the Oyster mushroom is the best you can choose. The Oyster mushroom is traditionally cooked in countries like China, Japan, and South and North Korea. It is also native to the forest habitats in Northern Europe, Siberian Asia, and the United States. The Oyster mushroom is identified through its fairly short stem and fluted gills located at its base. The expensive mushroom is available to buyers in pink, blue, gold, and elm. They are widely sorted after by the chefs that buy them in bulk. The reason for its acceptance and purchase by chefs is because it has huge medicinal value and health benefits. For instance, it was reported to help in reducing the triglyceride accumulation in the liver. This medicinal attribute is beneficial to people living with diabetes. The Oyster mushroom costs $12 per kg.

7. Black Truffles - Link

Black Truffles
Black Truffles

The Black Truffles mushrooms are expensive mushrooms that have a thriving market in the United States, Australia, Croatia, and Slovenia. The mushroom is cultivated in special conditions. They are cultivated in soils that contain a huge amount of minerals, pH, and moisture content. The scarcity of the Black Truffles mushrooms is the major reason for the high selling price in the market. They are also expensive because of the unique aroma they bring to food. In Europe, the Black Truffles mushrooms are highly expensive because it is only available in some specific locations. The challenges faced while shipping the mushroom is another reason for its high selling price. Currently, the Black Truffles mushrooms are cultivated commercially in Tennessee, California, Oregon, and Kentucky. It is also cultivated in Australia. The Black Truffles mushrooms cost $168 per ounce.

8. Porcini

Porcini is a highly nutritious mushroom that also has high medicinal values. The mushroom is found on the ground among spruce chestnut, hemlock, and pine trees. When you see the Porcini mushrooms, they have oversized caps with a diameter of about 10 inches. They have fat stems, sturdy, and also look heavy. Since it is classified as mycorrhizal, it is different from other classes of mushrooms. To purchase the Porcini mushrooms, you will spend about $48 per pound.

9. Fly Amanita

Also called Amanita Muscaria, Fly Amanita is currently among the most expensive mushrooms worldwide. The mushroom comprises different species. Each of these species has its unique colors. In countries where the Fly Amanita mushrooms are widely cultivated, there are regulations as regards its use because it has psychoactive properties. The phytochemical called Muscimol is one of the major constituents present in it. Hence, when eaten, it can result in feelings of high body temperature, drowsiness, euphoria, hallucination, and many more. Despite these effects, the Fly Amanita mushroom is highly prized in the market. The Fly Amanita mushroom costs around $24.75 per 30 grams.

10. Bearded Tooth Mushroom

The list of the most expensive mushrooms worldwide will not be complete without discussing the Bearded Tooth mushroom. The mushroom is also called Hericium Erinaceus. Some people also call it a L ion's Mane mushroom. The Bearded Tooth mushroom has a special appearance like noodles. They mostly flourish in the late summer season . Their natural habitat is the dead hardwood. The Bearded Tooth mushroom costs $50 per kg.


Mushrooms are medicinal and have a huge amount of health benefits. Currently, there are huge varieties of mushrooms in the market. Today, I have discussed the most expensive mushrooms in the market worldwide. Enjoy reading!

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