How to Find Your Passion and Live a Fulfilling Life

by Marsha Landry

What is a life lived without passion? What is a goal achieved without enthusiasm? Individuals who are passionate about what they do, as opposed to simply "in it for the cash," will in general be individuals who have more inspirational mindsets and ready to conquer trouble through critical thinking. The risks of facing troubles while persuading their dreams won't hold them back, because they'd know it for a fact that all the risks are worth it! Whereas, without passion, every minor inconvenience would be enough to hold them back.

With passion, every aspect of your life can become more interesting to experience; however, one of the most important aspects that need the individual to have passion in is doing a job. If we look around ourselves, we will find so many individuals who are working just to earn bread and butter, without enjoying the job that they do. A very few of them will get excited upon being asked about what they do for living.

Take a moment, and ask yourself, "Is my job making me happy? Is it something that I enjoy doing? Am I excited about going to work when I wake up in the morning?" If the answers are affirmative, then you are doing great! You don't need to read this guide, anymore! Just go and have fun in your life! But, if your answer to any of these questions is "no" then you are lacking passion in your life. If so, this guide is for you!

How to Find your Passion?

Just because you haven't found your passion yet, doesn't mean that you don't have one! In this guide, we are going to help you find out what is it that you're passionate about doing in your life. By the end of the read, it will be a new you!

Let's get started!

1. Ask Yourself: Is There Something You Already Love Doing?

AskYourself: Is There Something You Already Love Doing?
Ask Yourself: Is There Something You Already Love Doing?

Take a pen and paper and create a list of the things that you would like to do. Start doing them, one by one, little by little. See which of these things best resounds with your character and the one that gives you a feeling of inside satisfaction. Additionally, have input from certain individuals with regards to how you are getting along that thing.

Regardless of whether it's perusing comic books, collecting something like stamps, making something, creating innovative designs, there is presumably a way you could do it professionally. Open a comic book shop, or make a comic book website on the web.

If there's something that you love doing, you're on top of things. You just simply need to explore the potential outcomes of bringing in cash from it.

2. Think about What do you Spend Most of your Time Reading About

When someone gets excited about something, or when any idea excites their interests, they start surfing the net about it, and reading, gaining as much knowledge about it as possible.

Think about what do you find yourself reading and collecting the most information about since it may be the first lead to your goal.

3. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a standout technique amongst other known procedures accessible for innovative critical thinking. This idea portrays the procedure and investigates its advantages and shortcomings. It proceeds to set out strategies for arranging compelling meetings to generate new ideas and offers a few instances of conceptualizing drawn from past encounters of eminent associations.

You can use this way to figure out what is it that you're passionate about.

4. Collect Ideas from Other People

Approach others for thoughts. See what others have found as their interests. Look everywhere throughout the Internet and collect ideas.

The more prospects you locate, the more probable your odds of finding your actual passion.

Collect Ideas from OtherPeople
Collect Ideas from Other People

5. Marketing Research

The significance of statistical market research ought to never be thought little of, particularly for those starting a new business. Market research builds a solid establishment for a business to be based after, setting up the organization for any dangers or shortcomings that may emerge as the business develops. From becoming acquainted with your intended interest group to investigating expected contenders, market research gives organizations a serious edge, permitting them to flourish in new situations.

Hence, make sure to do as much research related to your idea as possible.

6. Test your Idea

Before quitting what you are already doing, it is important to test your idea first! It's ideal to really test your new thought before bouncing into it as a profession. Do it as a leisure activity or side occupation from the start, with the goal that you can check whether it's actually your actual calling.

You might be enthusiastic about it for a couple of days; however, where things become real is whether you're energetic about it for at any rate a couple of months.

If you breeze through this assessment, you have presumably discovered it.

7. Don't Quit

Can't discover your energy from the start? Surrender following a couple of days and you're certain to come up short. Continue attempting, for a considerable length of time if required, and you'll see it inevitably.

Thought you discovered your energy, but now you have become weary of it? Don't worry about it! Begin once more and locate another energy. There might be more than one enthusiasm in the course of your life, so investigate all the conceivable outcomes.

Discovered your enthusiasm, your passion; however, haven't been fruitful getting by at it? Try not to surrender. Continue attempting, and attempt once more, until you succeed. Achievement doesn't come simple, so surrendering early is a certain method to come up short. Continue trying, and you'll arrive.

However, it is only possible if you stay motivated. Once you lose your motivation, you will go back to square 1.

How to Stay Motivated?

Motivation is the key! But it can be hard sometimes, considering the ups and downs of life. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of effective ways to stay motivated.

1. Be Extremely Optimistic

Be Extremely Optimistic
Be Extremely Optimistic

Think Positive! We suggest you make it the mantra of your life, because not only in this aspect, but this is going to help you in every difficult situation that you may happen to face later in your life. When you are being optimistic, you are avoiding to look at the negative sides of a particular decision. Refusing to expect the worst out of a decision can help you in keeping your mental peace in place as well.

Not just that, but an optimistic person has an aura that's a hundred times better and more attractive than that of a person who always expects the worse out of every situation.

In some societies, it is even believed that you get according to your thinking. That's why they consider it very important to think bigger and better. Tell your mind to focus on the positive aspects of your life, and good things shall happen to you.

However, it isn't possible to be that way all the time. You can't force yourself to be happy when you're not feeling it from the inside. In such moments, you need to take a break from optimism and everything else, to gather yourself, just to stand up again, taller this time.

Being optimistic doesn't mean that you can't be tired or sad. Instead, being optimistic means that you accept that tiredness and sadness as just another phase of your life, knowing that it shall pass away soon. That is what being positive is all about!

2. Surround yourself with People who Share Similar Interests as you

Like-minded individuals will perceive how significant your diversions, interests, and side hustles are to you. They will monitor your advancement and push you to beat the minutes you're disheartened.

Simply consider that it is so difficult to get things done in your profession without a decent emotionally supportive group of people that you often call friends. Envision moving profession tracks when your team is advising you not to do it. It's unbelievably difficult to take those jumps and dangers when you're being disheartened by the individuals you trust the most.

The way to encircle yourself with similar individuals is realizing what sort of people cause you to feel generally make sure about, roused, and certain. The people who fill your existence with delight and push you to be the best person that you can be are the ones you should include in this gathering.

3. Reward yourself

One of the effective ways to keep yourself motivated is to set a winning prize with each goal to be achieved. When you will know that you will be rewarded after completing a certain task, you will strive to do it sooner and better. Getting rewarded for doing something also boosts up our confidence level, giving us a sense of appreciation. However, the reward doesn't have to be anything extreme. It can be as simple as a pizza from your favorite pizza joint around the corner of your street.

4. Picture the End Results

Another way of staying motivated is to picture the results, imagining what it would feel like to finally be able to see the fruit of your hard work. When you will picture yourself happy and content, satisfied with what you have done to come that far, you will automatically be driven to make your dream come true.


Staying happy and passionate about life all the time isn't an option. It is not possible to live a life full of success yet no failure. You will have your fair share of ups and downs. What matters is that you gather yourself and start again!

Doing what you love to do, what you are passionate about, is the key to a happy life. In this guide, we tried our best to tell you some of the ways that you can use to find your passion.

If you found this guide helpful, share it with your friends and family!

Thank you! Have a happy life!

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