Netflix Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

by Marsha Landry

Netflix, the most popular video streaming platform worldwide. However, been the most visited platform never stopped her from some technical problems which sometimes aren't from the service provider.

This platform is hanging on somethings for her to function properly, good internet connectivity, hardware, and software configurations are needed. The apparent happenings are the Netflix application crash, the inability of the platform to load on mobile, and television showing a blank screen.

How to identify and resolve those technical problems that disrupt your amazing popcorn Netflix experience. The good news is that you can apply the following troubleshooting tips to any appliances that Netflix can be used with. This varies from smartphone, television, personal/ desktop computer, tablet, smart television, gaming appliance, and any other streaming supported appliances.

Summary of How to Fix Netflix Not Working

The summary table that shows the various way to attend to Netflix faulty on different devices:

Smart Tv
Roku Tv
PlayStation console 5
X box console

Step 1

Unplug the television from the power source

Press the home button and click on Netflix settings. And then Click disable.

Check the PlayStation network and confirm the network is not offline.

Check maybe Xbox live online service is down.

Step 2

Disable the TV instant ON

Click the star button on the Roku remote control. Click on remove channel and make sure you've deactivated Netflix.

Close all background apps

Quit the Xbox Netflix app.

Step 3

Reset the TV

Reinstall the Netflix app and log in

Close Netflix app

The following are the general troubleshooting recommendations anytime your hilarious Netflix experience freezes. Guess you don't like that experience? The following are technical steps to solve those possible difficulties. The Netflix apps are designed with respect to the device that will be using it, but regardless of the device you are using the Netflix application on, there is always a general way to solve common problems. Is your Netflix app faulty or you what to fetch water down for the dry day? This article will be useful.

General Troubleshooting Tips

General Troubleshooting Tips
General Troubleshooting Tips

Just like the first aid box serves the medical profession, your personal "know how" will also help you in situations like this. You need to know these general troubleshooting tips.

  • Inspect your Netflix Server: one of the first lines of action as soon as your Netflix application fails to boot or freeze or went blank is to check maybe the Netflix servers is still intact. The above will deprive you of enjoying your favorite tv program.

The problem might not be a huge one . It may be simple as the Netflix service trip off itself. Sorry, if it's a server problem you can't fix it from your end, so you need to wait for them to rectify it.

  • Restart Your Appliance: it's a norm to pick up where one left off, that is you use the restart option if it present or you off the device and on it back. This method had proved itself useful beyond doubt. Thousands of system problems or faulty apps had been solved with this tip.
  • Inspect Your Internet Connection: it's crucial to check your internet connection when things went wrong with your Netflix application. It's no doubt that without an internet connection, the Netflix app won't work. The next line of action is to check maybe your WiFi or cellular connection is turned on, and you must also be sure that your phone isn't in any way on airplane mode. Also, be sure the network strength is a string and will be able to open a streaming app.

You can double-check by using another app that needs an internet connection, just to be sure that it not an internet access problem.

  • Reboot Your Router: the sluggish display or blank display may be traced to the router connectivity. The signal strength of the router may not serve the network required. The difficulties might be a hardware problem which there is a possibility that will be resolved if you reboot the router.
  • Revamp Your Netflix App: the problem that slows your excitement down might also be a software problem. The upgrade version will always come with a new experience, and an up-to-date software version can ease your ordeal.

The Netflix application upgrade might fix some errors like the UI-800-3 error.

  • Re-establish Your Netflix App: if the problem persists, I will advise you to re-establish your app.

The first thing I will advise you do is to log out and log in to your Netflix account. It takes a few minutes to do that, but it boomerangs with an overwhelming effective return.

Some persons are scared of losing their log in details; save your login details on Gmail for easy access always.

The second possible solution is for you to uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app on your device. This step had helped in many times. Reinstallation helps you install a new and perfect setting for the app. All it will cost you is to download the Netflix app from the suitable app store.

You can reinstall Netflix on a Samsung smart TV by highlighting the Netflix app and press the tools on your remote control and then select reinstall.

  • Log Out from Other Appliances: although the Netflix platform supports multiple users. Nevertheless, it may affect the outcome of the platform because it alters the platform servers. If you encounter an error message on your Netflix, it might be due to the multiple logins. For you to resolve all possible Netflix problems, you need to log out of your account from all devices and sign in later for a smooth experience.
  • Revamp Your Operating System (OS): regardless of the device you are using which varies from a gaming console, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, there is a need to update the OS of your device for Netflix easy access.

It's a rare condition, but it possible that applications stop functioning properly because the OS is old. It's advised you update your OS once the latest one is out.

  • Call Your Internet Service Provider: at this point, I guess you can't help yourself anymore. All you need to do is to consult the experts. It's possible that the problem is a server, service, or software which you can't personally rectify.

How to Rectify Netflix Fault on Smart TV

There is an installation of various apps on Smart TV, which includes the Netflix app. There is a direct installation of applications on smart tv, which helps to guide against the use of hardware. The following are some tips to rectify your smart tv Netflix fault.

  • Unplug the television: if all the above general criteria are met, and the problem persists. It simply means that the fault can solely depend on the devices. The smart tv should be detached from the power source or on and off the television. This process will help restore the function of all apps on TV.
  • Disable Smart Tv Instant On: the instant-on package is the best for smart tv, but in the vein, it's somewhat not helpful when you experience a Netflix display problem or error message. The instant-on increases the speed of the smart, and this might lead to partial application set-up processing. It is better for the smart tv goes through the on and booking processes; this way, the applications will be adequately set-up.
  • Tv Reset: I guess this is the last thing anybody will want to do to his smart tv set. Tv reset means you will lose all your smart app and saved documents. The tv reset activates the factory settings which instantly restores your smart tv to a factory mode.

To avoid this drill, your only option is to call your smart tv customer care for guidance.

How to Rectify The Netflix Fault on Console Games (PlayStation 5)

  • The first line of action is to check the play station network may be online or offline. If the PSN is offline, it will definitely prevent some applications from working. You can check the PSN service status through the PlayStation official status page.
  • Close the Netflix app: it's necessary you quit all background running apps. Those apps affect the function of other apps that are running of background app with your Netflix app on your PS5 console game will lead to sluggish/ freeze display.

If you close those apps and the network remains intact, and the problem persists, all you need to do is to quit the Netflix application too and relaunch it later. You can also off the PS5 too and on it.


In conclusion, the problem with sluggish/ blank display isn't a pronounced problem as we think. The solution to almost all this problem is very close to us. It just left us to live above ignorance. Living beyond ignorance will save you a whole lot of stress and put you at the edge of enjoyment, not a disappointment.

It important, you note that running different applications in hand with Netflix will reduce its effectiveness. Be confident that you can fix any Netflix problem except for the ISP or any software related issues. You will need to consult the experts to help you fix those once.

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